A Peanut Butter Lovers Dream | Peanut Hottie Drink

Want to hear about the Peanut Hottie drink?
A Peanut Butter Lovers Dream | Peanut Hottie Drink

When it comes to hot beverages at the moment I’m really into my hot chocolate and flavoured teas however I recently discovered Peanut Hottie. What is it you ask? Well it is a peanut butter flavour hot drink. This is something pretty new to me and I was mega excited to give it a whirl. The beverage is made with real peanuts and has a very authentic nutty taste. The taste is basically identical to that peanut butter taste. It is a little salty and a little sweet at the same time (although I do add a spoonful of sugar in my cups just to sweeten it that little more) I think if you love peanut butter you’ll definitely enjoy this delicious drink but if you’re not fond of the taste I’d suggest maybe skipping trying Peanut Hottie. At under 100 calories per cup it is surprisingly not as nutritionally bad as I thought it would be, well not calorie wise anyway. The drink is also caffeine free, suitable for vegetarians and is free from both artificial additives and colours. In terms of the price, it currently retails at £2.99 at Tesco which isn’t too pricey but at the same time it isn’t what I would consider to be really purse friendly. The drink is also available in another flavour, Peanut Butter and Chocolate flavour. Personally I think the combination sounds delicious and I will most definitely be purchasing it to see if it is as good as the original.
Have you tried this?
Shannon xo
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