Review | LUSH Brightside Bubble Bar

Want to hear my thoughts on the LUSH Brightside Bubble Bar?
Review | LUSH Brightside Bubble Bar

If you’ve read my blog before you will know that I love a good bath whether it be bubbly or with a bath bomb/blaster plonked in. Back in December I ordered this fellow as part of my LUSH Boxing Day sale haul. I was very excited when I received this and on a rather gloomy Saturday afternoon I decided to give it a try. What is it? Well it is the LUSH Brightside Bubble Bar of course. This is a really rather big product and you could easily get between two and four baths out of it. However, on the day I used this bubble bar, I was feeling really rather rebellious and I wanted to experience the full thing so I used the whole thing up. Honestly? It wasn’t the wisest of decisions I have ever made in my life but I’ll talk about that in a little while. Firstly, before I begin, I do apologise for the state of Brightside in the above picture. I am afraid although LUSH’s online Naked Packaging policy is wonderful for the environment, it isn’t so good for keeping the products in tip top condition. Anyway, Brightside is a funky orange and yellow coloured product which retails at the respectable price of £4.75. It is packed full of essential oils like Sicilian Mandarin, Bergamot and Tangerine. As you can probably imagine it has a really rather uplifting citrus fragrance to it, almost identical to freshly squeezed orange juice. I fell in absolute love with the scent when I used it and I have to say, for the smell alone I will be repurchasing this. For the look of the bath, the water was transformed into a nice orange shade. For the bubbles, I found it to create a nice amount however, I did find that when I used Candy Mountain, that created more bubbles despite it being significantly smaller in size which was a tad confusing but hey ho. Once out of the tub I felt refreshed and my skin was nice and soft. The only issue I had really was the feel of the bath water. It was a little oily and greasy which was slightly off putting. When I drained the tub I noticed big oily residue marks but these were easily rinsed away with the shower head. I will say that the bath I used this product in was not a standard size tub, it was much smaller so I have a feeling that there was basically too much essential oil for the bath. I also found getting out the bath a total nightmare. I kept slipping and very nearly gave myself an injury. I could not for the life of me stand up to get out and in the end I had to sort of flop myself out (yes, it was quite a funny sight) This hasn’t put me off repurchasing though but next time I will be sure to use it in a full size bath or at least half the amount I use.
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