Tradewinds Oriental Shop Haul

Want to hear about the goodies I recently picked up from Tradewinds Oriental Shop?
Tradewinds Oriental Shop Haul | Wing Yip Curry Sauce Concentrate, Goldfish Chinese Hot and Spicy Curry Sauce, Maykway Hot Curry Sauce Mix, Nissin Soba Chili Noodles, Indomie Mi Goreng Pedas Noodles, Lucky Me Hot Chili Flavour Noodles and Hai Long Prawn Crackers

When it comes to curries and spicy food I am obsessed. The majority of the time I opt for homemade curries as I find I can pack them full of flavour and they are affordable to make however, sometimes I do opt for concentrates and pastes on the days where I simply cannot be bothered. Also, the majority of the time I make Indian style curry rather than the kind you get from the Chinese takeaway but I often get a craving for it and rather than spending money on a takeaway, I thought I would try some of the much loved Chinese style sauces out there. So I did a good old Google search and discovered some of the apparent best ones on the market that mimic that Takeaway taste. I then found a online shop called Tradewinds Oriental Shop and ordered some bits and bobs. The three curry mixes that are apparently the best (from online reviews anyway) Are the Wing Yip Curry Sauce Concentrate (£1.75), Goldfish Chinese Hot and Spicy Curry Sauce (£1.70) and the Maykway Hot Curry Sauce Mix (£1.15). I haven’t tried any of them yet but I am very excited and may even do a little comparison series. Also on the Tradewinds website I noticed a good selection of instant noodles. I picked up one of my all time favourites, Nissin Soba Chili Noodles (60p) and two others that I’ve not tried before, Indomie Mi Goreng Pedas Noodles (30p) and Lucky Me Hot Chili Flavour Noodles (30p). Finally I got a box of Hai Long Prawn Crackers (65p) to fry when I try the curry.
Are you an oriental food lover?


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