Vine Vera Vitamin C Cleanser, Is it Worth The Price Tag?

Want to hear what I think of the Vine Vera Vitamin C Cleanser?
Vine Vera Vitamin C Cleanser, Is It Worth The Price Tag?

Vine Vera Vitamin C Cleanser, Is It Worth The Price Tag?


When it comes to skincare I often like to spend that little extra money on it as I feel having nice and clear skin is something very important to me. However, sometimes I do find the more budget and purse friendly products are brilliant, take the Garnier Micellar Water for example. It is pretty affordable but gets the job done, a great product in my eyes. One of the more expensive, high end products I have been testing out has been the Vine Vera Vitamin C Cleanser. This is a product that retails at an astonishing £140.00 for 50ml. Madness? I think so. Anyway, I thought I would give it a try and see if it was in fact worth the hefty price tag. What does it claim to do you ask? Well this is said to leave the skin radiant looking thanks to being formulated with Vitamin C and also this apparent miracle ingredient called Resveratrol which is an ingredient found in red wine. It is said to reduce the appearance of aging making the skin look smooth and younger. As a twenty year old I don’t really have any wrinkles or fine lines yet but I have recently became interested in using these kind of products before I start to really show visible signs of age as they say prevention is the best method to keep the skin looking young. Firstly I would like to praise Vine Vera on their wonderful packaging as the box that the cleanser came in was certainly luxurious and top quality which I felt was very fitting with the luxury price tag that the product comes with. For the actual cleanser packaging, it comes housed in an very sturdy orange plastic bottle complete with a handy pump which makes dispensing the product easy peasy as well as nice and hygienic. So, onto the actual product. I have to be 100% honest here and admit that I was disappointed by the product. With the cost of it, I really did expect amazing things from it and sadly for me, it did not deliver. The consistency is a clear gel which slightly foams on the skin. I found the cleanser to be really quite sticky and thick which didn’t feel too great on my skin. I did manage to cleanse my face though and it removed my makeup relatively well but once I removed it my skin felt a little tight and dry. Obviously I popped on my moisturiser afterwards but my skin still didn’t feel entirely right and I soon noticed my dry patches became more prominent and noticeable which was slightly off putting. I did think it might have just been because my skin wasn’t used to the product so I carried on using the cleanser for four weeks but unfortunately I did not see any improvement. Would I spend my money on this product? Sadly no I wouldn’t. The product did not work for my skin and I feel like there are much better products out there that are much lower in price. However, just because it didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean everyone else will have the same experience.
Have you tried any Vine Vera products?
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