A Disappointment | Primark Watermelon Lemonade Scented Candle

Want to hear my thoughts on the Primark Watermelon Lemonade Scented Candle?
A Disappointment | Primark Watermelon Lemonade Scented Candle

Not long back I was browsing the many isles of homeware in Primark with the other half. I purchased lots of lovely items such as pretty duvets and lots of cute accessories to jazz up our home. Just as I was about to leave the homeware section of the store I came across the candle section. I spent a good five minutes browsing all the pretty and intriguing candles. In the end Marc had to practically drag me away from the display as I was sending him into extreme boredom but I did manage to choose a candle I wanted and that was the Watermelon Lemonade Scented Candle which set me back just £3.00, a bargain for a decent sized candle. In the shop I did give the candle a sniff and I fell in love with the scent. It was fresh and got me right in the mood for Summer. As you can imagine I was very eager to get burning the candle when I got in the house so I got my matches out and began burning it. After around 4 hours of solid burn I still had not detected the scent at all. To say the scent throw was poor is a total understatement. After another hour or so I decided it was time to head to bed so I blew the candle out and headed to the land of nod. The next day I decided to give the candle another go. I went over, gave it a sniff and lit it once again. This time even when the candle wasn’t lit the scent was non existent. At this point I felt really disappointed but carried on burning the candle. One thing I will say is that the candle burns really rather slowly and despite burning it for a good week, I’ve still got half a jar left however, for something that claims to be a scented candle, I’ve found it very, very poor. If I wanted a regular candle, I would have bought one, but I didn’t, I wanted something fragranced to give my living room a nice aroma. Would I recommend this candle? Nope. I certainly wouldn’t. I know it only set me back £3.00 but it literally gave off no fragrance at all. Will I be purchasing any more Primark candles? I think curiosity will get the better of me next time I am in store but I won’t be trying these jar style candles again. Oh well, at least I’ll have a nice little jar once its fully burnt!
Have you tried any Primark candles?


Shannon xo
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