April 2015 Wax Box

Want to hear my thoughts on the April 2015 Wax Box?
April 2015 Wax Box
April 2015 Wax Box | Penguin and Floss Sniffle Buster Tart | Busy Bee Candle Spring Meadow Soy Wax Tart Melt | Nutty Crafts Cool Aqua Tart
April 2015 Wax Box | Bubblegum Delight Delectables Wax Tart | Cheesecake Delectables Wax Tart | Mystic Melts Money Fart Tart | Mystic Melts Fruit Loops Tart
April 2015 Wax Box | Busy Bees Candles April Showers Magik Beanz | Yankee Candle Fireside Treats Wax Tart
April 2015 Wax Box | Tarts With A Heart Twilight Tart
If you read Rapsberrykiss often you’ll know that I am an absolute sucker for home fragrance whether it be wax tarts or candles, I’m utterly obsessed. At the moment I’d have to say that I am favouring my wax melts more, purely because I find the scent throw to be incredible, plus they’re a much more affordable alternative to pricey larger candles. Recently I was contacted by a brand new subscription box called Wax Box. If like me you love your wax tarts and trying out a variety of different scents, I seriously urge you to check the box out. For just £10.00 a month you will get a selection of carefully selected wax melts, tarts or small candles. The total value of items featured in each box will obviously vary each month but the company claims to meet or exceed what you pay for each month. It is basically a fabulous way to try out new brands that you might not have heard of. I was very lucky to receive the April Wax Box and I’ve got to say, I’ve been really, really impressed. In my box I received 10 different products. The first I received was the Penguin and Floss Sniffle Buster Tart. This tart is heavily scented with menthol and would be ideal for those suffering with cold like symptoms. It is around this time of year that I normally end up getting a cold so this is most certainly going to come in handy. The second product I received was the Busy Bee Candle Spring Meadow Soy Wax Tart Melt. Busy Bee Candle is a brand I’ve heard of and seen a lot of on Twitter but I’ve never actually had the pleasure of trying any of their products, well, until now of course. Spring Meadow is what you’d expect, a very floral yet fresh scent, something I am extremely looking forward to giving a go. The next product I got in my box was the Nutty Crafts Cool Aqua Tart. This actually reminds me of aftershave. It is very fresh, masculine and surprisingly satisfying to smell. The fourth product I picked out of the box was the Bubblegum Delight Delectables Wax Tart. This is probably the tart that I am most excited about. I absolutely love anything bubblegum flavoured or scented so I’m really excited to see if this performs well. Another tart from the brand that I received was the Blueberry Cheesecake Delectables Wax Tart. This is yet another tart that I am excited to try as just from sniffing the melt in the packet, it smells wonderful. Also in my box I got two tarts from another unheard of brand called Mystic Melts. I got the Mystic Melts Money Fart Tart and the Mystic Melts Fruit Loops Tart. Money Fart is a banana fragrance with a slight tropical hint to it whereas Fruit Loops is identical to the popular cereal. The final three products that were in my box includes the Busy Bees Candles April Showers Magik Beanz, the Yankee Candle Fireside Treats Wax Tart and the Tarts With A Heart Twilight Tart. The Magik Beanz are really rather intriguing and smell aquatic yet floral, very fitting for this time of year. As for Fireside Treats, I’ve tried this fragrance before and I enjoyed it so I know I’ll like using it. And finally, Twilight is a lovely jasmine fragrance, perfect for melting on an evening thanks to its relaxing feel. Basically all in all, I’m over the moon with the selection I got. I will be reviewing each tart individually so if you’re interested in hearing what I think of each one, keep your eyes peeled.
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