Review | Chantel Martin Bubblegum Candle

Want to hear my thoughts on the Chantel Martin Bubblegum Candle?
Review | Chantel Martin Bubblegum Candle

I love a good candle. Recently I’ve been leaning more towards Yankee Candle and AirPure but one candle that has been an absolute joy to use has been the Chantel Martin Bubblegum Candle.The candle retails at £9.99 for the medium sized candle which contains 160g of wax and is available to purchase on the Chantel Martin website. In terms of appearance, the candle comes housed in a very sturdy glass jar complete with lid and a simple label design which I really like. For the actual candle, it is pink and blue in colour which gives it a slight fun feel. Like with all Chantel Martin Candles, the wick is 100% cotton and the wax is made from the traditional candle making material, Paraffin. So what is the quality and the lasting powder like? Well the company claims that this candle can last between 30 and 35 hours and I’d say that is pretty accurate so I have no issues with that. The actual quality is pretty decent, it has detectable throw, nothing really overpowering or strong but it isn’t bad. What I really adore about the candle though, it the scent. It smells of classic bubblegum. Whenever I light the candle I all of a sudden feel really nostalgic and think back to my childhood days. It is really bazaar, but in a good way. For that reason alone, I really recommend the candle. If you’d like to read more about this brand and my thoughts, be sure to check out my detailed post on Chantel Martin and my review of the Chantel Martin Cranberry Candle.
What is your favourite candle scent?
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