Review | Yankee Candle Berrylicious Wax Tart

Want to hear my thoughts on the Berrylicious Wax Tart?
Review | Yankee Candle Berrylicious Wax Tart

Remember way back in September when I posted a review of the Yankee Candle Berrylicious Votive Sampler? Well if you didn’t, just to recap, I was not impressed by the product at all. I found it not only to burn quicker than Yankee Candle stated but the fragrance was shockingly poor and virtually undetectable. At first I did think that I had received a dud candle but after some research I decided to just stop buying the votive candles all together and opt for either the wax tarts or large candle versions. As the candles are pricey, I like to try out new scents in Wax Tart form, not only because they are more affordable but because if I am not a fan of the fragrance I wouldn’t have wasted twenty quid on a big jar of wax I didn’t enjoy. Anyway, the other night Marc decided to choose a wax tart for our burner in the bedroom and he chose the Yankee Candle Berrylicious Wax Tart. I was pretty darn excited and hopeful that the melt would release some detectable scent and I was not let down. The tart filled the whole room with a gorgeous berry aroma. The scent was like a combination of blueberries with a hint of vanilla thrown in to give it a slightly creamy feel. Normally I find Vanilla to be quite sickly but that was not the case at all with this product. I thoroughly enjoyed this scent and after 6 hours of burning we noticed it stopped releasing fragrance. To say I was gutted was an understatement but let me tell you, Berrylicious is now top of my list when it comes to full size candle buying!
Have you tried Berrylicious?
Shannon xo
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