Review | Yankee Candle Wild Fig Wax Tart

Want to hear my thoughts on the Wild Fig Yankee Candle Wax Tart?
Review | Yankee Candle Wild Fig Wax Tart

Now that I am living with Marc we have took the “what’s mine is yours” approach and despite once not liking anything Yankee Candle related, Marc has took a liking to picking and choosing which wax tart we melt on an evening to keep our bedroom smelling in tip top condition. Usually I just opt for the first tart I pull out of the jar but Marc is more selective when it comes to the process as he is very particular when it comes to scents that he likes and doesn’t like. Anyway, the other evening Marc chose the Yankee Candle Wild Fig Wax Tart. So into the burner it went and we threw our pajamas on, got snuggled up in bed and popped the tele on. Whilst lying there for a good couple of hours we both became a little confused. Why? Well from experience we always find Wax Tarts to be good when it comes to scent throw and Wild Fig was hardly detectable. This was definitely odd in my opinion and before you could say, well anything, I jumped out of bed and began inspecting the product. It looked like a melted tart should look, it just didn’t smell much. Could I have received a dud? Well we decided to leave the tart burning and around an hour or so later we began to smell a fragrance. Was it Fig like? Not exactly, it had a rather floral aroma to it, you know the kind that is like a really old woman’s perfume from back in the day? Well it was like that. Personally I didn’t mind it but Marc on the other hand wasn’t fond and certainly did not enjoy sniffing it. Sadly I had to abandon burning Wild Fig like a failed mission as Mr Hutton begged me to blow out the tealight as it was beginning to make him feel nauseous and to be honest, I had no problem doing so as it wasn’t the best Yankee Candle product I’ve tried. Would I purchase this scent again? Absolutely not, although I am a little curious to try another to see if it was in fact a dud or if that is just how Wild Fig rolls. Sorry Yankee, but this one just isn’t for me or Marc.
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