Pretty Bras From Leia Lingerie

Want to hear about some pretty bras from Leia Lingerie?
When it comes to finding pretty bras I almost always find it a struggle. I used to always opt for Primark bras as I found they were super affordable, cute and worked well for me. However, as my chest has grown I find it increasingly difficult to find nice bras in my size. Primark has basically become a no go, well my local store at least as they only seem to have the smaller sizes in stock whenever I visit. One place that I have recently discovered has been Leia Lingerie. They stock bras from an A cup to a K cup and 28″ to 48″ back size. Their range is a little pricey but their bras are super pretty and ideal if you’re struggling to find your size. Above is a selection of my absolute favourites on the website. I will definitely be placing an order at some point, I’m just not 100% sure on which ones to purchase as they’re all so lovely!
Have you tried any Leia Lingerie bras?