Pretty Floral Dresses May 2015

Want to hear about the floral dresses I’m lusting after?

Lilac Floral Skater Dress | New Look Vintage Style Floral Dress | Floral Geo Dress | Wolf and Whistle Dress | Elise Ryan Bandeau Dress | Fallen Star Skater Dress | Fallen Star Black Floral Dress | Red Floral Dress
Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with floral print and I have quite the collection of floral dresses hanging in my wardrobe. Although some may say that I have enough to last me a lifetime, I disagree and therefore I am always on the look out for new dresses to add to my collection. Above is a selection of some of the dresses I’m currently lusting after. I think my favourite from the whole bunch is the Lilac Floral Skater Dress. I love everything about it. The cut, the colour, the print. It is like my perfect dress. My second favourite from the bunch would definitely have to be the Elise Ryan Bandeau Dress. It is so elegant, pretty and I love the adorable print. If I were to purchase the dress I’m not too sure where I would wear it to but I’m sure I’d find something. As for the rest of the dresses, they’re all equally lovely and I think they’re be really good for daily wear.
Are you a floral dress fiend?