My Current Top 5 Hot Drinks

Want to hear about my top 5 current hot drinks?
My Current Top 5 Hot Drinks | Pukka Clean Green Tea, Tetley Green Tea With Lemon, Tetley Green Tea with Mango and Passion Fruit, Tesco Red Berries Infusion Caffeine Free Tea and Twinings Swiss Hot Chocolate

When it comes to hot beverages I only really drink them on an evening before bed. Through the daytime I am much more of a cordial/juice kind of girl. Anyway, there’s recently been five beverages that I’ve been obsessed with. The first is the Pukka Clean Green Tea*. It is worth noting that I hate plain green tea. I find it bitter and quite frankly disgusting which is no surprise as Green Tea has a very acquired taste. Having said that I do love a good flavoured green tea. If you fancy trying one out, Clean Green is an excellent one to go for. It is a combination of Sicilian Lemons and Dandelion Root. It is quite refreshing and just lovely. It isn’t bitter in the slightest and I find it very tasty. Another green tea I’ve been enjoying which is quite similar, although not as nice but more purse friendly, is the Tetley Green Tea with Lemon. This is perfect for when you’re feeling under the weather as it really helps to clear the sinuses and overall helps to make you feel better. It is also very refreshing and uplifting which I love. I will say that some of my family have compared this to Lemsip when they’ve tried it but I can hand on heart say that it is much better than the medicated beverage. The third and final green tea I’ve been enjoying has been the Tetley Green Tea with Mango and Passion Fruit. If you’re a mango fan, seriously, check this out. It is nice and sweet but also has a very slight sharp taste due to the Passion Fruit. The taste isn’t unpleasant or anything  however it does give the tea a slight vavavoom which makes it a little more interesting. Oh and did I mention it smells AMAZING!? It is a nice change from the typical hot teas I go for and I will definitely be picking up another box when I use all the bags up. Now a fruity blend I have truly enjoyed has been the Tesco Red Berries Infusion Caffeine Free Tea. This tea is really quite cheap and is your typical berry tea. It is a really pleasant combination of Hibiscus, Apple Pulp, Blackberry Leaves, Strawberry Pulp, Rosehip, Raspberry Pulp and Cranberry Pulp. It is just a nice drink right before bed. It is a little sweet and I find many people who visit my home take a liking to it. And the final hot drink I’ve took a liking to has been the Twinings Swiss Hot Chocolate. I like to make mine by boiling up a pan of milk and stirring the powder in. I then top it with squirty cream and a handful of marshmallows for good measure. It is like heaven in a mug. It is rich but not bitter and a chocolate lovers dream. I find it a nice change from my usual Cadbury’s hot chocolate.
What hot drinks do you love?