2016 Goals

2016 Goals

First things first, a very happy new year to each and every one of you! I hope 2016 treats you well! To kick off the year I thought I’d share my 2016 goals with you all and hopefully I can look back at this post in 2017 and be satisfied that I tried my very best to complete my goals. If I don’t succeed? Well future Shannon, I’m very sorry. Anyway, here are my goals for the year ahead:

Lose Weight

Over the past year I have put on a lot of weight. So much that I am now extremely unhappy with my appearance and I have very little confidence. Now I know that everybody says they’re going to get fit in the new year but I’m determined and extremely serious about it. I’m not going to be doing any crash dieting and I’m not expecting to lose weight quickly, I’m in it for the long haul and I want to change my diet and lifestyle for good. My plan is to simply cut out the rubbish and exercise more. I’m not going to be super strict on myself (a treat here and there isn’t something I’m going to beat myself up about!) And a steady weight loss isn’t something I’m going to turn my nose up at, as long as the weight eventually comes off. I’m hoping by the end of 2016 I’m much more confident in myself and healthier.


Pass My Driving Test

For me learning to drive is a big thing as it’ll not only help with my confidence and independence, but it will also enable me to get out and about and discover new places. I’ve already had a few driving lessons with dad and I’ve got to say, for me learning to drive is a very up and down process. Some lessons have went brilliantly and I’ve really enjoyed the whole driving experience but other lessons haven’t gone quite so well and I’ve been pants, made daft mistakes and very nearly came close to totally giving up. At one point I even thought about just learning to drive automatic but to be honest, I don’t actually find the gears difficult, my problem is more about remembering to do everything at the same time. I’ve been told this is normal for learner drivers and that one day something will just click and I’ll be like “oh I really enjoy this, I can do this no bother” I think with time and more lessons I’ll no doubt get to this stage, I just need to practice.


Save Up Enough Money For A House Deposit

Marc and I are very, very happy in our current house however, it isn’t ours, we are renting. While renting is good in the sense that we don’t have to really worry about paying for anything that could go wrong e.g the boiler breaking or a burst pipe, it does have its set backs. There are silly things like the fact that we cannot decorate but the big problem for us is that this isn’t ours and we’re essentially paying off someone else’s mortgage. We’ve discussed buying a house with a mortgage advisor and if we had a mortgage on a similar house, we’ve not only be saving a lot of money each month (which would cover the cost of say a boiler breaking or any other unfortunate event that may occur) but the house would be ours, we could do whatever we wanted with it. Essentially, buying a house would not only be great for our futures but financially we’d be much, much better off in comparison to renting. Right now we’re in a great position to buy as we’re both financially stable and we’ve got no debt whatsoever. The only little hurdle we have, like most people, is that we still need to save up a little more cash for our deposit. We’re pretty great savers and I have no doubt that we will have our deposit in the near future, I just have my fingers crossed that this time next year we’ll be looking at houses and have the ball rolling for us to hop onto the property ladder!


What 2016 goals do you have?