2016 Goals ReCap

2016 Goals ReCap

2016 Goals ReCap

Last year I set my 2016 goals. Instead of setting really difficult goals I set goals that I knew were achievable. In total, I set myself three goals. Here is how I got on:

Lose Weight – Recap

At the start of the year, I was at my heaviest weight I’d ever been. I was very unhappy and really very, very self-conscious. My aim for the year was simply to lose weight. I wasn’t too fussed about a quick weight loss, I just wanted the weight to come off and stay off.

So how did I get on with my goal? Well, I had my ups and downs. I followed a combination of Slimming World, calorie counting and generally cutting out the rubbish from my diet. Yes, I did occasionally “fall off” the healthy eating waggon. Yes, I had treats here and there. However, I did lose weight. In total, I’ve lost 3 stone (42 pounds) which I am pretty happy with. Although I’m not oozing out confidence I do feel a hell of a lot better in myself. I also feel much healthier but I would still like to lose more weight.

Pass My Driving Test – Recap

In 2016 I began learning to drive with my fantastic driving instructor Terry. In terms of my actual ability to drive I can drive pretty much no problem. However, the problem I’ve had is my nerves. In general, I am a nervous person and I tend to overthink a lot of things. Driving is no exception. Basically, I’ve been trying to battle my nerves which cause me to make stupid mistakes. Having said that, I have taken a three-month break from driving recently. This is basically because I’ve been a little more stressed than usual and I felt like I couldn’t progress properly. However, I am going to be starting up my lessons again very soon and I cannot wait to get back behind the wheel.

Save Up Enough Money For A House Deposit – Recap

In my 2016 goals post, one of the biggest goals was to save up a deposit to purchase a house. My aim was to save up enough money to be able to start looking for a house round in January 2017 (now). To get a feel of the market and what we could get for our money we decided to start looking at properties in August. This might seem quick but we literally just wanted to see what kind of house we could realistically afford. This is when I wrote all about the disappointing house viewing which was one of the first properties we viewed. After viewing a few other properties we were feeling very sceptical.

However, in September I was scrolling through Right Move and found a property that was added online the day before. The house was a serious bargain and from the pictures, it looked amazing. In the back of my mind, I kept thinking it was too good to be true.

We found our dream property

Anyway, we arranged to view the property the next day. Marc, my parents and I went along not expecting too much but we were extremely surprised by what we saw. The property was even better in person. The house was completely done up and required no work whatsoever. It was honestly like a show home. The owners told us of the money, time and love they’d ploughed into the house and all the refurbs they’d had done. They were clearly in love with their home and it wasn’t hard to see why. But why on Earth were they selling? Simply because they were relocating to another part of the country.

We literally fell in love with the property. It was everything we dreamed of and more. The area is decent, the house affordable but absolutely beautiful throughout. After visiting the property we headed home and not even 10 minutes after arriving home we rang the couple up and made them an offer. Shortly after they accepted and we got the ball rolling with our mortgage advisor and solicitor. Our buying process was probably one of the smoothest and simplest but it was still rather stressful. I’ll definitely be sharing some posts on the actual buying experience in the near future so keep your eyes peeled for those!

Did you achieve your 2016 goals?