3 Absolutely Awesome Beauty Hacks You Need To Know

3 Absolutely Awesome Beauty Hacks You Need To Know

Petroleum Jelly Is A Lifesaver

Now many people use petroleum jelly (Vaseline) for a whole host of things. Of course we’ve all heard of people applying it to their lips but my absolute all time favourite use for the cheap as chips product is to use it to prevent staining. What do I mean by this? Well have you ever dyed your hair and you’ve been left with stained skin patches which are a nightmare to get off? Well pop a little petroleum jelly around your hairline and your skin will be protected as the petroleum acts as an amazing barrier.  You can also put this method to use if you plan on tinting your brows and lashes too. I’ve even used the nifty product to help make a rough guide around the brows whilst training as a beauty therapist when I did brow waxing. It doesn’t fully protect and stop you from removing hairs you shouldn’t but it is a great way to help avoid potential brow disasters when you are getting your feet.

Make Shaping Your Brows Easy As Pie

When it comes to brow shaping I often hear people complaining about how much plucking hurts, well ladies and gents, you are doing it all wrong! Plucking should not be painful. To remove hairs correctly, simply stretch the skin and remove the hair in the direction that the hair is growing. By doing this the hair should literally just slide out with minimal pressure. Also, here is another tip, if you aren’t too sure on which hairs to remove when tidying up your brows, get yourself an orange stick, or even a pen and place it vertically at the side of the nose and up to the eyebrow and repeat on both sides. Once complete you want to remove the hairs in between the brows or the zone you just measured. Then keep the stick on your nose, turn it so that it goes from the start of your brow to the end of it and anything on the outside, remove.

Take Care Of Those Talons

When it comes to keeping my nails in tip top condition I really need to pay them more attention if I am totally honest however when I studied Beauty Therapy I learnt a few things that have always stuck with me. First things first, ALWAYS use a base coat before applying nail polish. You want to do this for two reasons. The first is to prevent staining (particularly great for those red polish wearers out there) and the second is because it creates a sticky base, making your polish adhere better and can even help with longevity. Team your polish up with base coat and top coat to get the absolute maximum wear out of your nail colour. Another tip I cannot stress enough when it comes to nails is to NEVER use the see saw method when shaping and filing your nails. This makes the nails weaker, damages them and increases the chance of them breaking. Instead file the outer corner inwards using a rounding motion. And finally when it comes to your toe nails, ALWAYS file and cut them straight across as this prevents nasty ingrown toe nails.


What are your favourite beauty hacks?