3 Amazing Highlighting Eyeshadows That Will Make Your Eyes Pop

3 Amazing Highlighting Eyeshadows That Will Make Your Eyes Pop

3 Amazing Highlighting Eyeshadows That Will Make Your Eyes Pop Swatches

When it comes to applying my eyeshadow I find applying my highlight shade oddly satisfying. As sad as it sound, I really love it when I add the highlight colour and I immediately see my eyes pop, appear much more awake and brighter. Although I own a whole bunch of highlighting shades that I enjoy, there are three colours that really stand out from the bunch. The shades that I am about to chat about, in my opinion are best for the inner corner highlight shade. Although you can use these on the brow bone, personally I feel they’re a little too shimmery and bold for my liking as I much prefer to use something a little more subtle on that area of my eye. Anyway, the three shadows are:

W7 Perfect Eyes Eyeshadow in Raspberry Fool

The first shade I’m going to chat about is Raspberry Fool from budget brand W7. Now first things first, from personal experience I find the Perfect Eyes Eyeshadows to be top notch. They’re unbelievably pigmented and mega buttery. They blend like an absolute dream and to be totally honest with you, I really do not know why they do not get more hype but I’m guessing that people just haven’t discovered them yet. Anyway, Raspberry Fool is the coolest shade in the bunch. It is a metallic baby pink shade with flecks of silver shimmer running through it which is simply stunning. On the skin it doesn’t appear as pink as you’d think, instead it creates a lovely glowing effect which works well in the inner corner, especially on pale complexions.

W7 Perfect Eyes Eyeshadow in Sandy

The second eyeshadows is another W7 Perfect Eyes Eyeshadow but this time it is in the shade Sandy. Now sandy is much different to Raspberry Fool. It is a warm toned champagne gold colour that has an ever so slight yellow tone to it. This shade isn’t reached for by myself as often as the other two shades however, if you are someone with quite warm toned skin or a slightly darker complexion, I think you’d get on well with this.

MUA (Makeup Academy) Pearl Eyeshadow in Shade 2

The third and final shade is a pretty cool leaning on neutral highlight colour. It is of course Shade 2 from MUA (Makeup Academy) I’ve mentioned this shadow before in quite a few of my blog posts as it is very well loved. The shade is an off white colour. In the pan it does look slightly warm but I find on my skin it actually appears a little more silver. It works really well for me and makes my eyes really, really stand out. You can probably tell from looking at the pan that this is my most used highlight colour and at just £1 I think it is a total bargain and I will definitely be repurchasing when I used my current on up.


What are your favourite highlighting eyeshadows?