3 Amazing Products To Treat Dry Skin

3 Amazing Products To Treat Dry Skin | Lotil Original Cream, Astral Cream and Amelia Moss Barbary Fig Oil

3 Amazing Products To Treat Dry Skin

Lotil Original*

The first product that I find amazing for treating dry skin is the Lotil Original cream. This product is ideal for use on the hands and feet. The cream itself is moisturising but surprisingly absorbs really fast into the skin without feeling sticky or greasy. This is a light moisturising cream that is great if you suffer from a little bit of dry skin and want a fuss-free product to help improve your skin. It’s not my absolute favourite moisturiser ever but it is pretty darn good. I personally always keep a tub of Lotil Original on my bedside cabinet for use as a hand moisturiser. 

Astral Cream*

The second product that I find amazing for dry skin is Astral Cream. Compared to Lotil Original this cream is much more of an intense moisturiser and more effective at treating dryer skin. I personally use this as a facial moisturiser as it really helps to keep my dry patches under control. Since I began using Astral Cream my skin as a whole just looks healthier and a lot less dull.

Marc also uses Astral Cream and loves the stuff. He suffers from Eczema on his hands so uses the thick cream to help treat his dry and cracked skin which works really well, which is surprising for a cream that is so affordable. The only thing I will say is that when it comes to Astral Cream it is thick so I definitely do not recommend this for anyone with oily skin. If you’ve tried the Nivea Creme this is a pretty similar product but in my opinion, I find it much more effective for my skin.

Amelia Moss Barbary Fig Oil*

The third product that I find amazing for dry skin is the Amelia Moss Barbary Fig Oil. I’ve tried many facial oils over the years with some being amazing and some being absolutely awful. When it comes to the Amelia Moss Barbary Fig Oil this is hands down the best facial oil I’ve tried. With some facial oils, I find even with my dry skin my face can feel uncomfortably greasy and it takes a while for the product to absorb. With the fast absorbing Barbary Fig Oil you get great hydration but without that horrible greasy film. If there’s one facial oil I recommend trying out, it is definitely this one.

What products for dry skin do you recommend?

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