3 Concealers That You Need To Try

3 Concealers That You Need To Try3 Concealers That You Need To Try

Over the years I’ve tried various different concealers. Many have quite frankly sucked. I tend to come across two problems. The first is the formula of concealers. The second is the actual shade. With having quite a pale complexion I often struggle when it comes to finding a colour match. The majority of the time the lightest shade is just too orange toned or too dark. A good thing is that many brands are expanding their range to fit a wider variety of skin tones. This is something I’ve really noticed over the last year or so. For me, there are currently three concealers that stand out from the rest. All are quite different in formula and in the results they give. However, they’re all equally worth checking out.

Veil Cover Cream

The first of the concealers I’m going to talk about is Veil Cover Cream. Veil Cover Cream is a super high coverage concealer. If you’re after the best coverage possible, look no further. I use Veil Cover Cream to conceal really bad blemishes, redness and pesky dark circles. Other people use the concealer to cover birthmarks, Vitiligo and even tattoos, seriously it is that good. The way Veil Cover Cream works is because it contains more pigment in comparison to the standard concealer. This is because it is a camouflage cream. Camouflage creams are essentially really powerful concealers that were originally designed to concealer post-operative scars.

For many Veil Cover Cream isn’t just a makeup product, it actually helps to boost confidence. In terms of the texture, the concealer is super duper soft and blends beautifully. I like to use my Beauty Blender when applying but fingers and brushes also work well too. As for the colour I use the shade Natural Medium and it matches my skin perfectly. The shade is very pink toned and surprisingly it is not the lightest shade in the range.

Technic Colour Fix Concealer

The second of the concealers I’m going to talk about is the Technic Colour Fix Concealer. This concealer is pretty much the opposite of Veil Cover Cream. This concealer provides light to medium coverage. I use the shade Light, which is the palest shade available and works pretty well. When it comes to concealing things like blemishes and spots, this concealer is not effective. However, when it comes to brightening the undereye area it works very well.

In terms of the texture, the concealer isn’t runny but it isn’t thick either. The texture is very easy to work with and dries quickly. Another great thing about the concealer is the fact that it doesn’t require setting with a powder. Instead, it dries to a very natural looking finish which lasts well without any additional products. If you’re looking for light to medium coverage and you are on a budget, I definitely recommend this affordable Technic concealer.

Benefit Fake Up Concealer

And lastly is the Benefit Fake Up Concealer. This again is very different to the two concealers mentioned above. Instead of having a cream texture, this conceal comes in stick form. The concealer is made up of a pigmented core surrounded by a moisturising balm outer layer. The balm is made up of Vitamin E & apple seed extract and is ideal for those looking for hydration. If you’re someone with a very dry undereye area this moisturising undereye concealer is worth checking out. I personally use the shade Light which for me works well. However, do be aware that the colour range is limited with only three colours to choose from.

When it comes to the coverage it hides my dark circles well. It isn’t as pigmented as Veil Cover Cream but the coverage is nothing to be sniffed at. The concealer sits nicely on the skin and you can definitely feel the hydrating effect but part of me does wish that the lasting power was ever so slightly better but hey ho.

What concealers do you love and recommend?