3 Films That You Should For Sure Avoid Watching

Please note this post contains spoilers.
3 Films That You Should For Sure Avoid Watching

Films you should avoid: How It Ends

The first of the three films that you should avoid is How It Ends. This flick had been in my Netflix list for a while so one Sunday myself and Peter decided to finally get around to watching it. Not heard of How It Ends? Well, it is a thriller action disaster film which stars famous faces like Theo James who starred in Divergent and Forest Whitaker who you may know from the likes of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story amongst various other movies. Anyway, the story basically follows Will (Theo James) as he flies to Chicago to visit his pregnant partner Sam’s parents. The purpose of the trip? He intends to ask Sam’s disapproving father Tom (Forest Whitaker) for permission to marry her. Things don’t really go to plan when the two males get into an argument over the dinner table. 
Anyway, the next day you see Sam call Will before he is supposed to catch his flight back to Seattle. Basically, the call gets cut, all flights get cancelled and on the TV there are reports of a seismic event off the West Coast of the United States. This event has disrupted electricity and phone lines in Chicago. Not really knowing what to do Will returns to Sam’s parent’s house where he and Tom decide to travel to Seattle together by car to find Sam.

Don’t waste two hours of your life

Pretty much the film sees the two trying to survive their journey whilst coming across various obstacles. Now don’t get me wrong the film was interesting but at times it was a tad slow and I kinda had the urge to fast forward. But the real reason why I don’t recommend the film? Well put it this way, the film’s title is pretty damn ironic because you don’t get to find out how it bloody ends. Two hours of my life I wasted to find out NOTHING. Raging I was. Basically, Will tracks down Sam, an earthquake triggers a large eruption which causes a pyroclastic flow and the pair are seen driving away from the cloud. Do they survive? WHO KNOWS BECAUSE I DON’T!
Now in the film’s defence, they probably ended the film in the diabolical way they did so they had the option of making a sequel. However, I genuinely feel like I wasted a couple hours of my life. I mean the title of the film REALLY gets my back up. Anyway, enough said on that or I’ll be typing away here all day ranting and sharing my disgust. To sum it up? Don’t bother with the film. Instead, spend the time watching a few episodes of Kim’s Convenience. It is FAR more entertaining, won’t let you down and certainly won’t put you in a bad mood after watching.

Films you should avoid: Birthmarked

The second film I think you should steer clear of is Birthmarked. This was another film I found on Netflix. Now don’t get me wrong Birthmarked wasn’t what I would consider being terrible. However, it was so damn slow and at times it was really tough to get through. Believe it or not Peter and I were so bored during the film that halfway through we went upstairs for a nap. Yeah, it was that bad. I would have scrapped the entire film there and then but my “I’ve started something so I’ll finish it” attitude kicked in.
What’s the film about you ask? Well, it is about Ben (Matthew Goode) and Catherine (Toni Collette) a couple who are respected scientists who quit their jobs to take on a big experiment. The experiment? Raising three kids against genetic predispositions. The pair seek to prove that everyone has the same potential to become anything they choose. The question they tackle? Are we born as we are or can we blame our parents for who we become? Now on paper, the film sounded really interesting and right up my street. In reality? It was as dull as dishwater. Seriously.
I can’t even really go into much detail about what actually happened in the film because it was just so forgettable. The story had potential but the execution just wasn’t there I’m afraid. My favourite part? The end. My reason? It was so damn tough to get through and felt way longer than it’s runtime of an hour and a half.

Films you should avoid: Everything, Everything

The third and final film that I recommend you just avoid like the plague is Everything, Everything. Now I know I’m probably going to get a bit of stick for including this flick. However, I’m gonna be honest, I thought it was pants. The romantic drama Everything, Everything follows the story of Maddy (Amandla Stenberg) a young lady who cannot go outside due to so-called suffering from a rare illness. Her neighbour Olly (Nick Robinson) wants to help her experience life and the pair (predictably) end up falling for each other. 
The reason I disliked the film so much? Well, it was SO predictable. You could see the “twists” coming from a mile off. Not only that but in a lot of places, the film was just wildly far-fetched. I mean I understand it’s a film, it isn’t real and it certainly isn’t a documentary but at times I found myself just constantly eye-rolling. I mean maybe I’m just too old to appreciate the film? Perhaps it’s just meant for those really naive younger viewers who crave that kinda film? What I do know is that the film wasn’t for me and if you’re anything like me I doubt you’ll enjoy this movie.
What films have you watched lately that you just didn’t enjoy?
Please note this post contains spoilers.