3 Honest No-Nonsense Blogging Tips That Will Help You

3 Honest No-Nonsense Blogging Tips That Will Help You

When it comes to blogging I never, ever claim to be an expert in the field however, I have been blogging for nearly six years now, both here on Raspberrykiss (It started purely as a hobby) and professionally. Because of this I feel like I have learnt quite a lot about blogging and to be honest, I want to share that knowledge and potentially help a few people in doing so. Now since starting my blog, the entire world of blogging has exploded. There are now hundreds and thousands of people all around the globe writing on their online spaces. There are also lots of tips and tricks flying about (Admittedly I do disagree with a lot of the tips I’ve read, particularly those that state that to be successful you most post X amount of times a day and you shouldn’t post certain types of posts e.g reviews) Anyway, I thought I’d discuss three no-nonsense blogging tips that I think will help you as a blogger. The tips below aren’t false claims (I certainly don’t claim that by writing a blog you’ll become a millionaire or anything like that) They’re things I’ve learnt in my own blogging experience and are things which I find do work.

1. Learn About SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

For any website or blog owner SEO can be a huge thing. Not sure exactly what SEO is? Well I’ll be doing a whole post on the topic it in the near future as it is such a big topic to cover, but in a nutshell, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is the process of tailoring and tweaking your website in terms of content and design, to suit a search engine’s (Google) criteria. The ultimate goal is to be able to rank highly in Google (Ideally on the first page) By implementing SEO into your site, you are improving your website so that Google puts you on their search engine and if this occurs it means more traffic, potential readers and even new followers are sent to your blog. Now many people think SEO is really quite technical but to be honest with you, it is a easy subject to learn about and if done correctly it can really make a blog or website. If you are a SEO beginner do be sure to keep your eyes peeled for my future post on the topic. In the mean time I highly recommend reading up on the subject. Reputable sources include Matt Cutts, he is the head of the Google Webspam Team (currently on leave), he also works with the Google Search Quality Team on SEO. Basically, he is the best person to go to for information about legit Google SEO advice. Another great source is MOZ. Other fab sites include Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, SEO Mark and and finally a great source for tools is definitely SEO Ninja.


2. Be Real, Honest but Careful and Create Relationships With People In Your Industry

One of the most important things you should do when blogging and using social media is to be honest, real and yourself. By this I don’t mean posting your full name and address all over the place as well as your personal problems, I simply mean that you shouldn’t lie to your readers and make up ridiculous stories. Trust is a major thing when it comes to blogging. If I’m reading a blog and someone does something shady or I know they are intentionally lying, I am instantly put off that blog and ultimately I’ll end up unfollowing that person and I’ll stop reading their content. Now when it boils down to it, you can write whatever you want on the internet, especially if it is your blog however, it is good to keep in mind that reputation is a big thing. One slip up and you can find your blog reputation has been tarnished, you’ve lost readers and scared off any new potential readers. Nowadays on Social Media and on my blog I try to be professional as possible. I do this not only because I do not want to damage by blogs reputation, but also because I do not want to damage my personal reputation and my career as I am aware that professionals out there read my blog and the last thing I’d want to do is ruin a future career opportunity by an opinion that left a sour taste in someones mouth. Some might say this is being a bit shall we say, reserved and that I don’t discuss my views or certain topics but my name is on my blog and it is attached to my Twitter and Facebook accounts, essentially they are a representation of me and my personality. So although I don’t really tend to share my views on things like Politics, Religion and Equality, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have my own (strong) opinions on these matters, I just choose not to discuss and share them online because A. Something I say is enviably going to offend someone somewhere and spark a debate or even an argument. B. I’m not really interested in getting into heated discussions with people and getting myself chewed up over a debate because of differing opinions and C. I’d hate to offend someone because of a differing view, ruin a online relationship with both a friend or a potential business connection. So that’s that. Now, social media for me is a big part of blogging. Through Twitter alone I’ve connected with lots of lovely other bloggers who also write about Beauty and Lifestyle. Through doing this I’ve found myself chatting to wonderful people and learning from content that they’ve produced and shared. Personally I believe that we can all learn new things from each other so I seriously recommend getting out there, building relationships with people in your industry whether it be Beauty, Lifestyle, Food, Parenting, Crafts etc. Honestly, the communities are one of the best things about blogging, they offer support and knowledge, plus you’ll soon find out how welcoming everyone is by partaking in a blog related Twitter chat.

3. Blogging Success Doesn’t Happen Over Night, So Be Patient

Firstly, what is blogging success? Well put bluntly it is whatever you want it to be. For some people blogging success might mean thousands of follows, for others it might mean a small but interactive audience, it could mean a sizable income, a large amount of traffic and visitors, a perfectly coded well designed looking site, a website that ranks really well in Google or it could even be a site that is simply full of content. Whatever you define as success is achievable and CAN be achieved. Some of the above things are easier to achieve than others but all in all, blogging success takes time and effort. It doesn’t happen overnight or instantly. It is a game of making mistakes, learning from them and progressing in a realistic amount of time. Many people think achieving blogging success is easy, they think that earning followers, page views and revenue is a quick and easy method. The sad truth is, it isn’t and many people soon find this out and give up almost straight away. However, if you are serious about blogging, you want to make your online space a success or you genuinely have a love for blogging and writing, you’ll stick with it, be patient and enjoy what blogging is really all about.

Are you a blogger? What are your top tips?