3 Really Excellent Products I Will Continue To Repurchase

3 Really Excellent Products I Will Continue To Repurchase | Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Eau De Toilette and Vosene Medicated Original Shampoo
A lot of the time I feel like drug store/high street skincare isn’t as quite as good as the products that higher end brands produce however, this product truly restored my faith in purse friendly skincare. I’ve been using the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for absolutely ages now. I’ve repurchased it before and I ALWAYS have a back up in my drawer as I love it so much. When it comes to removing things like stubborn mascara and lip stains, it works amazingly well and does so ever so gently. At less than a fiver, it is a bargain in my eyes plus I find a little goes a long way and it is very gentle on my skin.
Now this is a pretty pricey fragrance but a good one nevertheless. I actually received this for Christmas, not last year but the year before and it has lasted me very, very well. This scent was actually released way back in 2007 and is meant to be reminiscent of sparkling pink champagne due to its notes of Tangerine, Orange, Pink Pepper, Freesia, Rose, Osmanthus, Jasmine, Amber, Patchouli and Cashmere. Now I thought this would be quite a fruity scent but instead it is actually more floral. The lasting power of this fragrance is pretty darn impressive but then again it is a Eau De Parfum so I wouldn’t expect anything less. It is also detectable from about arms length and is just a great daytime Spring scent. I will definitely continue to repurchase this as it is a fragrance I really enjoy wearing.
Now this may seem a bit strange to some but I absolutely adore Vosene. I know it isn’t exactly a luxurious or fancy product but it works wonders on my hair. I don’t have dandruff which is what this shampoo is designed to treat but I do feel as though a lot of the shampoos currently on the market just don’t effectively clean my hair. What I like about Vosene is that it thoroughly removes any grease, dirt and product leaving the hair super clean. Of course it can feel a little too clean but that is where the trusty conditioner comes in to treat the issue. Basically Vosene gets a big thumbs up from me, even if I’m not the biggest fan of the scent. I find it is one of the only shampoos on the market that really makes a difference to my hair and really keeps grease at bay.
What three products will you continue to repurchase?