3 Reasons Why Google Analytics is Awesome

3 Reasons Why Google Analytics Is Awesome

When it comes to marketing in a digital world one of the best tools I recommend is definitely Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free tool that was launched back in 2005 and offers web analytics services which track and report website traffic. Google Analytics is also the most widely used web analytics service on the internet which really does not surprise me as it is such a great tool that can help you improve your performance and your online marketing strategy. So why do I love it so much? Well check out my top 3 reasons below:

You Can Find Out Who Is Viewing and Reading Your Content

When it comes to creating content one of the major things is that you need to know your audience. You need to know their interests and various other things. Why? Well when creating content you want to make sure it is suitable for your audience and that you are producing content that people will be interested in. So how do you find this invaluable information? Simply by clicking on the Audience tab on the left hand side of your Google Analytics screen. Here you will find out a whole host of super useful information including the age and gender of your website viewers. You can also find out their interests, where in the world they are, what language they speak, what operating system they use and even what device they use. This information is not only useful for content creation, it is also very valuable for when it comes to website design and deciding what features and layouts to use to make sure that your audience are going to be able to get access to your website smoothly without experiencing any problems or issues which could lead them to exit your website.

You Can Monitor and Track Campaigns and Content

When it comes to Digital Marketing you can spend hours upon hours planning and creating campaigns and writing content but all that hard work is absolutely useless if you don’t track and check its performance. In Google Analytics you can view how each individual piece of content is performing in terms of traffic, entrances, exits and even the individual bounce rate of each post. By tracking and monitoring your content you can get an idea of what kind of content is successful and which content isn’t really working for your audience. Through this you can scrap the content that isn’t performing well and get an idea of the kind of topics that your audience likes. You can then plan and focus on content based on your results. Another great thing about Google Analytics is that you can also see where your traffic is coming from. In the Acquisition tab on the left side of the Analytics screen you can find out how much traffic is from Organic Search, Paid For Search, Email, Social, Direct, Referrals and more. You can even see a list of your Referrals which are a collection of websites that have linked to your content. This tool is particularly good if you see a big and sudden increase in traffic as you can quickly and easily track down the source by using this section of the site.

You Can View Real Time Traffic

One thing that has become a bit of an obsession of mine on Google Analytics is the Real Time section. By clicking on Real Time you can see activity on your site right there and then. I particularly like to keep an eye on this right after I’ve shared a new blog post. Here you can see your traffic in real time. You can see how many people are on your site, what pages and posts they are viewing, what device they are using to view your site, where they are in the world, what source or referral they have used to come across your pages and you can also see what keywords they’ve used to discover you. This is fantastic if you want to see how well your site is performing right this minute.

So those are my top three reasons why I think Google Analytics is awesome. Of course there are many, many other amazing things you can do with the tool but for me personally the three things above are what really stand out and I get the most use out of.

Are you a big fan of Google Analytics? What website analytics services do you recommend?