3 Simple But Really Useful Blog Photography Tips

3 Simple But Really Useful Blog Photography Tips

When it comes to blogging I find one of the most important things, especially if you are posting things like product reviews and features, is your photography and images. Now firstly I am certainly not a photographer. I’ve never took a course on the subject and I certainly have no qualification in photography either. However, over the years from trial and error and research I’ve found certain tips and tricks have helped me so I thought I’d share three of those today in the hope that maybe someone else can put these tips to good use, just like I do.

Always use natural daylight

My absolute number one tip for blog photography and photography in general would be to use natural lighting. Of course there are various artificial lighting units out there that you can used for snapping your images but personally I feel like natural daylight hands down beats the artificial look. Another plus is that natural lighting is free whereas specialised lights can often cost an arm and a leg which can be a pain especially if you are an individual on a tight budget or if you’re a small business without the funds. When it comes to taking pictures I simply snap away in front of a window with the curtains and blinds drawn back so I can let in as much light as possible. I then simply snap away. If I’m taking an image of myself I like to make sure the background is neat and tidy but if I am talking a product shot I tend to place either a piece of pretty wallpaper behind the item or I use cheap and cheerful but super pretty gift wrapping paper. One last thing though, as Autumn is now upon us it means that there are less hours in the day for picture taking so make sure you get your snaps whilst the light is there.

Learn how to edit your photographs

When it comes to my photographs I edit all of them. I don’t heavily edit or alter my images as it just isn’t my style however, I do tend to make minor adjustments by editing things like shadows, the brightness and image highlights. I also often tend to crop and re-size my images if they’re not quite the right fit for a certain layout. I just find by editing my images I enhance the overall look making them appear much nicer online. Editing is a pretty simple thing to carry out, that is if you are making pretty minor adjustments. If you are looking to carry out more advanced editing techniques you can do so simply by learning. There are thousands of videos and tutorials online that explain how to edit your pictures and there are even many books on photography so if you aren’t sure on something, look it up on Google and you’ll soon find that with a bit of time and practice you are clued up and ready to go.

Always keep original images

Whenever you edit an image you always want to keep a backup of the original. Why? Well because you might mess up the image during the editing process or you may wish to edit the image in a totally different way in the future. For me I like to save all my original images onto a memory card. That way they are separate from all my other images and they’re not taking up heaps of space on my laptop. Also, if like me you keep your images on a memory card or stick, make sure you know where it is at should you ever need it as there is nothing more annoying than losing your photos when you really need them.

What are your top 3 blog photography tips?