3 Super Pretty Revolution Beauty Halloween Products

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3 Super Pretty Revolution Beauty Halloween ProductsRevolution Beautiful Darkness Eyeshadow PaletteRevolution Haunted Lipstick Collection Corpse BrideRevolution Haunted Liquid Highlighter Lover's Wrath

Over the years I’ve tried many, many Revolution Beauty products. Some I’ve loved, some haven’t impressed me as much. As a whole, I love the brand. I love how affordable their products are and how you can experiment with colours and styles without breaking the bank. Some of the products I’ve tried in the past have included the Revolution Pro Camouflage Concealer and the Revolution Pro Foundation Drops which I featured in my brilliant medium to full coverage foundations post. However, more recently I’ve been testing out some of the Revolution Beauty Halloween products. 

Revolution Beautiful Darkness Eyeshadow Palette

The first of the Revolution Beauty Halloween products I’ve been trying out has been the Revolution Beautiful Darkness Eyeshadow Palette. This is a palette which contains a combination of shimmers and mattes. The palette is a mix of reds, purples, blacks and yellows. It has a super Halloween vibe about it without being your typical dark gothic palette. Each shade is stunning in its own right but for me there are a few stand out shades. The first shade is Dead Rose which is a beautiful red shimmer. The second is Poison, a grey shimmer with a green shift which kind of reminds me of MAC’s blue brown in some ways. Then we have Corrupted, a bright yellow gold shimmer. I also really like the shade Horror which is a matte purple. Plus I’m fond of the emerald green shade Torment too.

A pretty palette that I have a few issues with

Basically, the palette is full of some really pretty colours. However, I do have my issues with it. My first issue is that I find the colours don’t blend as well as I’d have liked. I find this is mainly the case with the matte shades. I find when you’re blending them with other colours you really have to work at the colour to get rid of any harsh lines to achieve a lovely blended look. This isn’t a massive deal but it is something that somewhat puts me off using the matte shades.

The second issue I have is that the colours aren’t the easiest for me to pull off. Now, this is in no way Revolution Beauty’s fault. It is my own. Most of the colours in the palette are quite warm and just don’t work well when used in large amounts with my cool toned skin. Don’t get me wrong a pop of colour here and there can be effective but applying lots of Dead Rose or Corrupted just kinda makes me look a little unwell. As a whole, the Revolution Beauty Halloween collection eyeshadow palette is pretty great. Especially for its low price of £6 and when the pigmentation of each shade is on point too, you can’t complain.

Revolution Haunted Lipstick Collection Corpse Bride

The second of the Revolution Beauty Halloween products I’ve been trying out has been the Revolution Haunted Lipstick Collection in the shade Corpse Bride. Now let me tell you, I’ve been OBSESSED with this lipstick. Ever since I bought it I’ve been wearing it non stop. It’s seriously become my go-to lippy colour.  The colour is like a deep mauve toned brown. It looks so damn pretty against my pale complexion and teamed up with my Medusa piercing. In terms of the finish Revolution Beauty state that all their lipsticks in their Haunted line have a matte finish. However, I definitely detect a slight sheen with this lipstick but this isn’t an issue for me. To sum it up, just everything about Corpse Bride I love really.

I love how it applies so easily and I like how the formula isn’t drying in the slightest. I also like how the lipstick actually sits and wears on my lips. Then we have the packaging, it’s gorgeous! Its got abeautifull skull and rose design to it as well as the lipstick bullet its self being embossed with a skull. Very fitting for Halloween indeed. My only complaint? The actual lipstick bullet is a little wobbly in its case so it’s only a matter of time before I have a lipstick breaking disaster. But hey, for £4 this is something I will definitely be replacing. The lovely mauve toned Halloween lipstick gets a huge thumbs up from me.

Revolution Haunted Liquid Highlighter Lover’s Wrath

The third and final of the Revolution Beauty Halloween products I’ve been trying out has been the Revolution Haunted Liquid Highlighter Lover’s Wrath. I love a good highlighter and I love anything that resembles a skull so as soon as I spotted this, I knew I had to have it in my life. Now Revolution state that this product can be both mixed into foundation or applied directly onto the skin and I’ve always opted for the latter. If you’re after a blinding highlighter, look no further. This pretty cool toned liquid highlighter is seriously the bee’s knees and one of the prettiest products currently in my collection. The shade is a ice white highlighter with a purple, pink undertone so if you’re pale like me and your skin is cool toned, this is gonna look so good.

The highlighter has a sort of iridescent look to it and when the light hits it, it looks so effective. Beware though, you do have to make sure you blend this highlighter well as it does contain some glitter particles which can bundle together to look really chunky if you’re not careful. In terms of highlighters go, this isn’t for the faint hearted and definitely doesn’t create a subtle look but if you’re after something pretty and more noticeable, this £5 highlighter is the way to go.

Have you tried out any of the Revolution Beauty Halloween products? What are your thoughts on the range?

Please note this post contains affiliate links.