3 Superb Songs I’ve Loved In July 2018

3 Superb Songs I've Loved In July 2018

I’m a big music lover but because I’ve been so preoccupied and busy with other things I just haven’t really had the chance to listen to much music this month. I’ve caught up with a few tracks here and there but only three have really stood out for me. There might only be three songs that have taken my fancy but they are three absolute bangers. So on that note, let’s get onto the post and get chatting about the three songs.

Seungri – 1,2, 3!

The first of the 3 superb songs I’ve loved in July has been Seungri – 1,2,3! Not heard of Seungri? He’s the youngest member, also known as the maknae of K-Pop boy band Big Bang. At the minute the rest of the Big Bang members are carrying out their mandatory military service and Seungri is the only member yet to enlist. What perfect time for a solo comeback, eh? 1,2,3! Is the title track from the somewhat vain named album The Great Seungri. The track features a seriously catchy chorus and some impressive Grease inspired choreography.

Now admittedly Seungri is my least favourite Big Bang member (Sorry stans!) I just prefer the likes of T.O.P and G Dragon I guess. However, I really like 1,2,3! It’s a little different from the other KPop songs released recently and I really enjoy Seungri’s vocals on the track. This is definitely an impressive comeback in my eyes. It’s one of those songs that’ll for sure have you tapping your feet.

Blackpink – Forever Young

The second of the 3 superb songs I’ve loved in July has been Blackpink – Forever Young. In June’s music favourites I featured the song 뚜두뚜두 (DDU-DU DDU-DU) and this month it is the turn of Forever Young which features on the recently released Blackpink Square Up EP. The song features a Reggaeton style beat and a super powerful chorus. The song screams confident badass women and the spoken line “Blackpink is the revolution.” is a simple but super effective addition to the song. As always Rosé’s unique vocals are on point, Jisoo kills it and Lisa and Jennie deliver some cracking vocals as well as sassy rap verses. This is for sure an awesome Summer track that I can’t get enough of.

Kylie Minogue – Stop Me From Falling

The third of the 3 superb songs I’ve loved in July has been Kylie Minogue – Stop Me From Falling. I love a bit of Kylie every now and again. Some of my favourite tracks are Dancing, All The Lovers and On A Night Like This. Stop Me From Falling is one of Kylie’s more recent tracks which features on the 2018 album, Golden. The track features world beats and both acoustic and electric guitars and has a very slight country vibe to it. The song has also been remixed in collaboration with Cuban artist Gente de Zona which has been played all over the radio but I’ve got to say I much prefer the original personally.

What songs have you been loving this month? Are you a K-Pop or a Kylie fan?