3 Top Tips For Easy Blogger Outreach

3 Top Tips For Easy Blogger Outreach
Do your research and work with bloggers who are relevant to your business and industry:

There is literally no point in working with a blogger if they’re not going to have an audience who are going to be interested and engaged in your product or service. For example, there may be a HUGE beauty blogger with 3 million unique monthly visitors who offers to review your gardening services. Sure you MIGHT reach new customers but keep in mind that those 3 million monthly visitors are there because they like beauty related topics, not gardening. Now you might be thinking “Well yeah but this beauty blogger performs super well in Google and I could really do with a back link on their site” Yes the blogger may perform well however, due to the topic and content of said bloggers website being so irrelevant from your own, it isn’t going to benefit you in the long run, trust me.

Remember bloggers are human beings, they’re not just there for your gain:

When ever you work with a blogger remember, bloggers are real people. They have feelings and their own thoughts and opinions. You might think that your generic “Hello blogger” email is totally acceptable but news flash, it isn’t. As a blogger myself who collaborates with various brands and companies, nothing puts me off more than a PR who hasn’t made any effort to research my content or even my name. When I receive a generic email 9 times out of 10 I do not take up the opportunity as I feel as though there isn’t that foundation for a genuine relationship between myself and the PR, it is clear that in their eyes I’m just the doorway to a link to increase their SEO. Many people may be reading this and thinking “Personalised emails take too long, I haven’t got time to research each and every blogger, I need links fast” Well I can tell you now, your blogger outreach isn’t going to be great if you have that kind of attitude. When it comes to back links remember QUALITY not QUANTITY. You don’t need a gazillion back links to be successful, a handful of great quality relevant back links is always much better than thousands of poor quality links that have nothing to do with your topic of choice. It seems silly that you wouldn’t want to get to know these high quality bloggers and build genuine marketing relationships with them, especially when these bloggers are people who could potentially dramatically boost your business and help you to reach a much bigger audience than you are already reaching.

Respect their decisions:

The majority of bloggers out there put lots and lots of effort into their websites. Some have spent years and years getting to where they are today so it is no surprise that they have their own rules and regulations on what content goes onto their site and what doesn’t, after all their blog is THEIRS. Just because you offer a blogger a free sample or a free service, it does not mean that you get to call the shots and make demands about what you want them to write and include in their blog post. And under no circumstance should you EVER demand a blogger posts a positive review. Bloggers aren’t stupid, they have their own views and opinions. If they like something, they’ll write about it. If they don’t, some might choose not to write about it whilst other will still go ahead with the post. It is a risk that you take with blogger outreach but if you are confident that your products or service is top notch, then there shouldn’t be anything to worry about although sometimes you can’t please everyone, but that’s just life. Basically when working in a marketing relationship with a blogger remember, it is a two way system. You should both respect each other and communicate effectively as there is nothing more annoying than miscommunication between the two parties. Miscommunication can actually even break down a relationship, tarnish your reputation and jeopardize a potentially awesome collaboration so make sure you make yourself clear and if you’re not entirely sure what the bloggers intentions or wishes are, be sure to ask them to clear up any confusion that may be there.

What are your top tips for easy blogger outreach?