4 Really Exciting Zoflora Scents I Tested Recently

4 Really Exciting Zoflora Scents I Tested Recently - Citrus Fresh, Twilight Garden, Summer Breeze and Lavender Escape

If you’re a returning reader of my blog then you’ll probably be aware that I am a huge Zoflora fan. The product is ideal for keeping my house spick and span but also smelling amazing. In my July 2017 favorites, I talked about Linen Fresh, an excellent fragrance that I love. I also recently talked about two Zoflora fragrances that I really recommend where I also featured the fragrance alongside the Bouquet scent. And back in March, I talked about five ways that Zoflora can be used around the house. If you’re familiar with Zoflora then you’ll know there are many, many scents available. Some of these scents can quite often be hard to track down. However, recently I managed to track down four scents I hadn’t already tried. So today I thought I’d give my thoughts on each fragrance.

Zoflora Citrus Fresh

The first of the four Zoflora scents that I recently tried was Citrus Fresh. Citrus Fresh is a combination of Lemon, Lime, and Sweet Orange. Unlike many of the scents, this fragrance is not available in the standard 120ml bottle. Instead, it is available in 250ml and 500ml form. In terms of the actual smell, it is unsurprisingly very zesty and fresh. The scent isn’t what I’d consider to be sweet or super unique but I like it. It kind of has a similar smell to your typical citrus scented household cleaner but it is more concentrated.

Zoflora Twilight Garden

The second of the four Zoflora scents I gave a try recently was Twilight Garden. Twilight Garden is the complete opposite of Citrus Fresh. It contains the likes of Moonlily, Jasmine, and Musk. The fragrance reminds me a lot of a particular men’s fragrance but I cannot for the life of me remember which one. The fragrance is so well balanced and is fast becoming one of my all time favourites. It’s just so different from the other Zoflora scents I’ve tried. This scent is only available in 120ml form but is well worth stocking up on.

Zoflora Summer Breeze

The third of the four Zoflora scents I tested recently was Summer Breeze. Summer Breeze is great for those of us who love floral fragrances but don’t like them to be too pungent. In the past, I’ve tried Zoflora’s Hyacinth scent and it was just too floral for me. However, I’ve also tried Bouquet which I absolutely adore. Compared to these two Summer Breeze is definitely more similar to Bouquet. Summer Breeze contains the likes of Rose, Freesia, and Peony. It is floral with a slight citrus vibe to it. Do I love it as much as Bouquet? Not quite but it is a really lovely scent that I will definitely be repurchasing. Much like Citrus Fresh, this scent is not available in the standard 120ml bottle as it only comes in 250ml form.

Zoflora Lavender Escape

The fourth and final of the four Zoflora scents I gave a whirl recently was Lavender Escape. Now, normally I am not the biggest fan of lavender. I find it to be pungent and can trigger my migraines. However, lots of people urged me to try Lavender Escape. They all said it wasn’t like that typical lavender scent that I’d previously caught a whiff of. So I tracked down a bottle of the limited edition scent. The verdict? It’s not something I particularly love but I can work with it. Compared to the standard lavender fragrances this fragrance is more calming and much less potent. It contains Lavender, Basil, and Rose. It’s aromatic and has a fragrance oil vibe about it. Will I be buying myself another bottle? Probably not. But on the plus side, this does not trigger a migraine and I don’t hate it!

Have you tried any new Zoflora fragrances lately?

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