4 Really Fun and Interesting Summer Friendly Yankee Scents

 4 Really Fun and Interesting Summer Friendly Yankee Scents
Review | Yankee Candle Vanilla Lime Wax Tart
Yankee Candle Vanilla Lime Wax Tart
It’s been a little while now since I did a Yankee Wax Tart review. I’ve mainly been using my candles lately however, I went through my big wax tart filled jar and picked out a handful of fragrances that I wanted to try. The first I picked out was the Yankee Candle Vanilla Lime Wax Tart. I really liked the sound of the scent so I quickly lit a tea light and popped this is my burner. With a name like Vanilla Lime I wasn’t sure whether to expect a prominently sweet vanilla aroma or a tangy lime odour, nevertheless I was looking forward to what the fragrance had to offer. Once the tart had melted the smell began to fill my room. It was certainly not what I was expecting. The smell was very creamy, not sickly sweet like a lot of Vanilla fragrances on the market, but pleasant and one I really liked. The fragrance is prominently Vanilla based however, I found it had an ever so slight citrus Lime tang to it which just gave the scent an extra bit of oomph. The only thing I will say about the tart is that it didn’t last as long as I was expecting. I thought I would get maybe six or seven hours out of it but after the four hour mark I found it hard to detect. I’m not sure if this is the case with the scent in general or if the melt I purchased may have been from a bad batch but I may repurchase this again just to test it out and see if it was do to the latter. In terms of the price, the tart cost just £1.13 on the Temptation Gifts website which is pretty reasonable in my eyes.


Review | Yankee Candle Summer Scoop Wax Tart Melt
Yankee Candle Summer Scoop Wax Tart Melt
What better way to celebrate Summer than with the Yankee Candle Summer Scoop Wax Tart Melt. This wax tart has to be one of my favourites from good old Yankee Candle. The fragrance is simply gorgeous. It is a creamy, predominantly Strawberry fragrance, kind of like ice cream but not quite exactly like it. Now I’ve got to say, this tart melt has to be one of the better Yankee products I’ve tried when it comes to scent throw. After popping it into my burner it seemed to fill my downstairs in next to no time with its gorgeous fruity scent. It was really rather lovely to be honest. In terms of the scents lasting power I’d say it lasted for about 5-6 hours which really is not bad considering the wax tart melt retails at less then £2.00. After use the scent did not linger in my house. Now I was a bit disappointed by this purely because I enjoyed the fragrance so much and did not want it to end however, it was probably a blessing in disguise as I do like to chop and change when it comes to home fragrance and burn a new tart practically everyday and I guess it would have clashed with the new scent. Will I be purchasing this again? Definitely! I’m debating whether or not to buy the Large Candle form too, just so I can have it burning in the living room on an evening when I’m all cosy on the settee but I’m not too sure whether I’ll order it or just stick with the powerful and much more affordable wax tarts for now.


Review | Yankee Candle Clean Cotton Wax Tart
Yankee Candle Clean Cotton Wax Tart Melt
If you are after a fragrance to make your home smell nice and fresh, particularly the bedroom, check out this. The Yankee Candle Clean Cotton Wax Tart is a melt that I will certainly be repurchasing. I used Clean Cotton one Saturday when I was giving the house a major deep clean. I popped this on in the bedroom just to freshen it up and it did the trick. The scent was like freshly washed linen and when I say like, I mean majorly identical. Like the name suggests, it was very clean smelling but also refreshing and just pleasant. In terms of the scent throw, it filled my room really well and was very detectable but not pungent, sickly or overpowering like I thought it might have been. The lasting powder of the fragrance truly impressed me as it lasted all through burning (6 hours) and then it lingered for two whole days after use. For a couple of quid I think this little gem is well worth the money and I will most certainly be stocking up for those deep clean days so I can ensure that my house is smelling its best.


Review Yankee Candle Citrus Tango Wax Tart Melt
Yankee Candle Citrus Tango Wax Tart Melt
Now first things first Yankee Candle Citrus Tango Wax Tart Melt is a 2014 Limited Edition product however, it is still available to purchase on the Temptation Gifts website for less than £2.00 so if you do want to get your hands on it, it is still available but be quick as I’m not too sure how long it will be around for. Anyway, Citrus Tango is a combination of sunny oranges, lemon zest and grapefruit, pretty much what I expected. It is a very refreshing Summery fragrance that is brilliant for this time of year and to be honest, a scent that I wish was in Yankee’s permanent fragrance range. If you are a fruity fragrance lover, I think you’ll definitely enjoy this wax tart melt. In terms of the scent throw it wasn’t amazing but it was pretty good and filled the bedroom well. The scent wasn’t one that lingered or stayed around for days but when in the burner the scent lasted for around six and a half hours which is pretty good going for something that is pretty affordable. Basically I liked it. Has it become an all time favourite Yankee scent of mine? I wouldn’t go that far but I did like it and would love the option to be able to purchase Citrus Tango all year round.

Which Yankee scents do you like for Summer?