4 Slimming World Friendly Recipes That You Need To Try

4 Slimming World Friendly Recipes That You Need To Try | Salt and chilli chicken with Chinese style curry sauce and boiled rice, a healthy fried English breakfast, Veggie Ramen Style Soup with a slight kick and Nacho-style feast.

4 Slimming World Friendly Recipes That You Need To Try

If you read my 2016 goals recap post then you’ll know that I lost 3 stone in 2016 by following a mixture of calorie counting and by following the Slimming World plan. I absolutely love following Slimming World as nothing is off limits and to be honest, I really don’t see it as a diet, I see it as changing my eating habits for good. Whilst on my Slimming World journey I’ve rustled up a fair few Slimming World friendly recipes and I thought I’d share four of my favourites on my blog today.

1. Salt and chilli chicken with Chinese style curry sauce and boiled rice – The ideal Chinese fakeaway

One thing I love is a good fakeaway. Not heard of a fakeaway? Essentially instead of ordering a takeaway, you make it yourself at home. Not only are fakeaways a lot healthier, they’re also a lot cheaper too! One of my favourite fakeaways is Slimming World salt and chilli chicken with Chinese style curry sauce and simple boiled rice. This is a cheaper and healthier alternative to the famous dish which appears on takeaway menus up and down the country. It also tastes amazing!

2. A healthy fried English breakfast – Absolutely great for the weekends

Technically this isn’t really a recipe, it is more of a meal. However, one of my favourite things about Slimming World is that you can still eat delicious foods. For example, I can still have a good fry up on a weekend. But how is that healthy? Well, I do so by replacing any oil or butter with trusty low cal Fry Light. This means I can save on syns but still have my tasty English breakfast. Fry Light does take a little getting used to when you first try it but honestly, I’ve never looked back since first buying it.

Another way I can still enjoy a fried breaky is by using meats that are low in fat. For this, I like to buy bacon medallions and some form of low-fat sausage. Regular sausages are packed full of fat and high in syns so I like to buy sausages that are low in syns but still super tasty. My favourite sausages include Tesco Healthy Living Cumberland Sausages (1 syn each) and the famously hard to get hold of Porky Lights. Porky Lights were previously half a syn each however, Slimming World are now telling members to syn them at 4.5 syns each. Why? Well, apparently Slimming World tested Porky Lights and found them to have more fat than Porky Lights have stated. The topic is quite a controversial one and an ongoing matter.

Personally, I’ve never found Porky Lights to be fatty nor have I found consuming them has affected my weight loss but the investigations are ongoing so I’ll be keeping my eye out for Porky Light updates. Anyway, also on my breakfast, I like to have eggs and beans. These two foods keep me feeling full and are free to enjoy on the plan. Another thing to keep in mind is that one-third of your plate should be filled with super free foods. For this, I either have strawberries or tomatoes. Mushrooms are also a good option but personally, I’m not a fan of them.

3. Veggie Ramen Style Soup with a slight kick – A very filling and satisfying dish

Looking for a dish that is filling, warming and super satisfying? Definitely, check out my Veggie Ramen Style Soup recipe. This is packed full of speedy goodness and is a great healthy alternative to traditional heavy ramen dishes. This dish is made with simple ingredients like an oxo cube, soy sauce, sriracha, ginger, garlic, noodles and various veggies. This is one of my favourites to quickly dish up when I’m stuck for ideas but still want something really delicious.

4. Nacho-style feast – An addictive dish that is one of my absolute favourites

Another dish you must try? Slimming World Nacho-Style Feast. This stuff is heavenly. It combines homemade potato wedges topped with fajita seasoned minced beef. This is then packed full of veg which is then topped with cheese and jalapenos. In Slimming World’s recipe, they do say to use Primula cheese. However, I simply swap this for Mozzarella using my Healthy Extra A and it is equally as nice. Marc is also a huge fan of this dish and couldn’t believe it when I told him it was syn free by using his HexA. Seriously, this is one definitely worth checking out. 

What are your favourite Slimming World friendly recipes?

Please note that these recipes have not been endorsed or tested by Slimming World, with the exception of the Slimming World Nacho-Style Feast which features on the official Slimming World website. This post also contains affiliate links.