5 Bargain Beauty Stocking Fillers For Under A Fiver

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5 Bargain Beauty Stocking Fillers For Under A Fiver

With Christmas fast approaching it is certainly time to get yourself into gear when it comes to Christmas shopping. Well, that’s if you haven’t already. The problem with Christmas? It can be pretty damn pricey when you’ve got to buy for this one, that one and the other. However, Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’re savvy and shop around you can get some right gems, especially when there are so many sales underway.

One thing I love is a good stocking filler. Now over the years, stocking fillers have somewhat become more expensive. Take when I was little for example. My mam used to pop some chocolate, socks, one or two small smellies and an orange in my stocking. It meant that waking up on Christmas morning was that extra bit special. Plus by keeping me occupied she gained an extra bit of sleep whilst I opened everything up.

Stocking fillers that don’t break the bank

However, nowadays when you search for stocking fillers you get all sorts of extortionate gifts like Apple watches and white gold jewellery. It seems that the term stocking filler now just means gifts that are small in size. That being said, to me stocking fillers will always be known as small, affordable gifts. I don’t care what anyone says, an Apple watch is not a stocking filler it is a big main present. Anyway, rant over.

As a beauty fiend, I always loved the smellies and makeup gifts that I received in my stocking. I mean I have some pretty great memories of receiving some funky roll-on body glitter and some tinted strawberry lip balm. Boy did I think I was the bee’s knees! So I thought I’d stick with the beauty theme and share five of the bargain beauty stocking fillers that I’ve come across that will set you back less than £5 a pop.

Each of the five fillers I’ve discovered come from one of my favourite online retailers, Fragrance Direct. Fragrance Direct is a store that sells both fragrance, body care, beauty products and makeup. Their prices are super low and if you’re lucky you can grab a serious bargain. All year round I find their prices to be top notch but particularly right now they’re even better value for money. How you ask? Well at the moment they also have a discount code to help you save even more money. So if you use the code BF10 before 9am on Monday the 26th November, you’ll get 10% off a £20 spend.

Thierry Mugler Alien dupe for less than £3

The first of the five bargain beauty stocking fillers I discovered was the Milton Lloyd Stars Woman Eau de Toilette Spray 50ml which retails at just £2.99. Now, this might just look like a really cheap perfume that you expect to smell a bit like cat’s wee. However, it is actually a total gem. This fragrance is actually a rip off of the very popular and expensive Thierry Mugler Alien EDP. Now Alien is my all time favourite fragrance which I briefly mentioned it in my June Favourites.

However, it is damn pricey and for a while now I’ve been looking for a more affordable dupe. When I discovered Stars I must say, I was impressed. Is it EXACTLY like Alien? No. However, it is very similar but with it being both an EDT rather than an EDP and costing less than £3 it isn’t anywhere near as strong. Nor does it last as long. But again, it was £2.99 and for that price, it is a steal, especially if you love Alien and wanna wear it daily.

The second of the five beauty bargain stocking fillers is the Possibility Gin & Bramble Tonic 3 in 1 Body Wash & Bath Foam which retails at just 99p. Gin is one of the big “in” drinks at the moment. Plus you can never go wrong with body wash. So this is a great little extra to add into someone’s Christmas box without breaking the bank. Personally, I’ve never tried any products from the brand Possibility but I do get Philosophy brand vibes from the packaging so I suspect this may be a rip off as even the brand name is suspiciously similar.

Urban Decay Heat palette dupe for under £5

The third of the beauty bargain stocking fillers I discovered was the W7 Blazin Eye Colour Palette which costs just £4.95. W7 are a brand I am very similar with. The brand has quite a few products that I enjoy using such as the W7 The Naughty Nine PaletteW7 Argan Eyes Mascara and the W7 Get Set Eye Shadow Bases. All of their products are super reasonably priced and they have somewhat of a reputation of replicating big brands. One of the dupes I discovered was the Blazin palette which looks super identical to the Urban Decay Heat palette which features some pretty warm toned natural coloured shades. Personally, this palette isn’t up my street as I’m very cool toned but I know this is a well sought after product. 

The fourth of the beauty bargain stocking fillers I discovered was the OPI Nail Lacquer in Top the Package with a Beau which costs a mere £3.95. Now OPI polishes are good but they can be pretty  costly so this bottle is an absolute steal. The colour in question is Top The Package with a Beau which is a very fitting colour for the festive season. From the OPI XOXO 2017 collection, the polish is a lovely black which contains gold glitter flakes. It’s a classy shade with a touch of sparkle that is sure to go with a whole host of outfits.

A blogger blast from the past

The fifth and final of the beauty stocking fillers I discovered was the Sleek i-Divine Palette in Au Natural which will set you back a mere £3.75. Back when I started blogging Sleek palettes were all the rage. They were known for their wicked pigmentation and affordability. I remember when they first became big they cost £5 and then there was uproar when the price increased. Nowadays full price you’ll £8.99 for a full price palette. However, Fragrance Direct have their Au Natural palette in stock for less than £4. I’ve not tried this palette as Storm was my palette of choice back in the day. However, I hear Au Natural is a lovely palette which is perfect for everyday wear. So there you have it, five bargain beauty stocking fillers which are all under £5. 

Will you be picking up any of these absolute bargains? What’s your favourite kind of stocking filler?

Please note this post contains affiliate links.