5 Great Affordable W7 Products You Should Try

5 Great Affordable W7 Products You Should Try | W7 The Cheek Of It Blush in Baby Pink, W7 Flirty Eyes Mascara, W7 Lip Paint in Girlie, W7 Perfect Eyes Eyeshadow in Sandy and W7 Perfect Eyes Eyeshadow in Carbon Copy5 Great Affordable W7 Products You Should Try

W7 The Cheek Of It Blush in Baby Pink (link)

The first product from the budget friendly brand that I recommend trying out is definitely one of their blushes in the shade Baby Doll. I’ve had this product for quite a while and even though it took me a little while to fall in love with it (it spent a lot of time in the back of a drawer) it is a blusher I’m so happy to have in my collection.

Baby Doll is a beautiful light pink colour that has a slight coral look about it. The blush doesn’t contain any glitter but it does contain extremely fine shimmer which gives the shade a beautiful sheen when on the skin. The blusher is a tiny bit chalky but it has good pigmentation, it blends out well and lasts a solid 5-6 hours on the skin without showing any signs of wear. Personally, I’ll be reaching for this shade more when the Summer months are upon us but this is a shade I think would suit both pale and dark complexions.

W7 Flirty Eyes Mascara (link)

The second product from the brand I recommend is the Flirty Eyes Mascara. This mascara formula actually reminds me a lot of the Maybelline Falsies Volume Mascara but obviously, it is a lot more affordable. In terms of the brush, it is different in from the Maybelline product in the sense that the shape is very different but it still has what I consider to be a large wand. The brush is made up of plastic spikes as opposed to brush bristles and the brush head its self is very flexible.

I really like this about the mascara as it means I can really work the product into my lashes for a good even coverage. As for the formula, it is a little on the dry side but very easy to work with. It does dry quickly so you have to apply it fairly fast to avoid clumping. But as long as you apply nice even coats, you can still layer the mascara. In terms of the look, Flirty Eyes adds a lot of volume for me but it also adds a nice amount of length too. Is it my favourite mascara? Unfortunately, that title still goes to the L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara but this is definitely a fantastic product, especially for the price.

W7 Lip Paint in Girlie (link)

Next up we have a Lip Paint in the shade Girlie. If you are into your Too Faced Melted Lipsticks, this lip paint is essentially a cheaper alternative. The shade Girlie is a beautiful bright fuchsia that has a slight red tone to it. The colour has fantastic pigmentation and is definitely suitable for both dark and pale skin tones. It is a tiny bit sticky but nothing unbearable. I recommend applying it using a brush for a perfect precise finish. For swatches of Girlie, be sure to check out my Product Rave – W7 Lip Paints blog post. This post also features another shade from the brand.

W7 Perfect Eyes Eyeshadow in Sandy (link)

The fourth product from the cheap cosmetics company that I recommend is the Perfect Eyes Eyeshadow in Sandy. I absolutely adore the Perfect Eyes Eyeshadow range. I’ve got quite a few of the shades in my collection but two really stand out for me. The first shade is Sandy. Sandy is a beautiful shimmery champagne gold highlight colour that has incredible pigmentation. The formula of the shadow is like a cream-powder hybrid. It feels very creamy and smooth. It also applies very well and for a while, it was an eyeshadow I reached for on a daily basis. If you are looking for a really strong inner corner highlight shade to make your eyes pop, look no further.

W7 Perfect Eyes Eyeshadow in Carbon Copy (link)

And lastly I highly recommend the Perfect Eyes Eyeshadow in Carbon Copy. This eyeshadow basically has that same smooth cream powder hybrid formula that Sandy has however, this shade is entirely matte. So why do I like this shade so much? It is hand on heart the best black eyeshadow I’ve ever tried. The pigmentation is amazing. The formula is lovely to work with and the shade is great for adding definition to the eyes. This is a true black that has never disappointed me. Some people have actually said this is a dupe for the MAC eyeshadow shade Carbon. Whilst I cannot confirm or deny this, I definitely think the two look-alike. Especially in terms of the product and even the packaging.

If you’re interested in even more products from Warpaint Cosmetics, other products for the brand I recommend include the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette dupe, the Contouring Face Blend Brush and the Photoshoot Foundation.

Are you a fan of this cheap and cheerful cosmetic company?