5 Of The Best BTS Songs

5 Of The Best BTS Songs

With the BTS Love Yourself: Tear album out tomorrow I thought it was a good time to get myself in the mood for the new release. What better way to do so than to share a little post on some of my favourite songs from the Korean boyband? I’m sure if you’ve read my blog before then you’ll be well aware of BTS. I recently reviewed the BTS – Love Yourself: Her album and mentioned their songs not only back in my January favourites post but also in my favourite songs of March and my favourite songs of April post.

If not you’re a new reader or you’ve missed my posts, BTS are a Korean pop band consisting of seven members. Their style is sort of a mix of pop, hip-hop, R&B and EDM. They’re really growing in popularity worldwide particularly in the West at the moment. They’re got ton of great songs that I absolutely adore but I thought I’d narrow it down to my top five. In all honesty, it was super duper hard to choose but here are what I consider to be the best BTS songs.

BTS – Fire

The first song to make it into what I consider to be the best BTS songs is Fire. Fire is a sort of an electronic hip hop mash up. It kind of reminds me a little of BigBang’s Bang Bang Bang because it doesn’t really have a chorus as such but it’s quite a high energy track. It’s a great song that you can just let loose to and before you know it you’ll be addicted to joining in and shouting 불타오르네 (bultaoreune) because this song really is on fire. If you’re a fan of Fire be sure to also check out the BTS track Dope. It’s like Fire’s cousin. My highlights of the video? Probably seeing RM and J-Hope rap together or watching Jungkook’s face as a bicycle on fire rolls past him.

BTS – Save Me

The second song to make into my best BTS songs list is Save Me. Save Me is an emotional track with a really catchy electronic whistle throughout. The song is one of the very first BTS songs I ever listened to and I instantly fell in love with it. Also, fun fact, the video for the song was shot in one continuous take which I find highly impressive. My highlights of the video? I love the choreography but I also really like RM’s part right before the song ends.

BTS – Outro: Wings

The third song to make it into my best BTS songs list is Outro: Wings. There is no music video for this song but it is just a really awesome feel-good track that I feel doesn’t get as much love as it deserves. Outro: Wings is just so upbeat and always puts a smile on my face. It’s definitely a track worth listening to if you want to cheer yourself up as you cannot help but love Jungkook and Jimin singing the chorus together.


BTS – Young Forever

The fourth song to make it into my best BTS songs list is Young Forever. Young Forever is quite an emotional track. It’s beautiful and soulful. It’s not a high energy dance song but it is excellent. My highlight of the song? The ending of the song where all the members sing together. It really is something else.


BTS – MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)

The fifth song to make it into my best BTS songs list is MIC Drop, specifically the Steve Aoki remix. MIC Drop is a banger of a tune where BTS are basically saying a big FU to all their haters. It has a very hip-hop vibe and it’s just a really epic song. My highlight? J-Hope’s opening line. It’s a belter.


As previously mentioned in my post I found it incredibly difficult to narrow down my top 5 BTS songs and a few songs came very close so I’d like to make some honourable mentions. The first is DNA, the incredibly catchy EDM tune that has the brightly coloured and truly aesthetically pleasing video. The second is Serendipity, the truly beautiful song that features just Jimin and his stunning vocals.

Thirdly I’d like to mention Cypher PT. 4, a track featuring the rappers of the group, RM, J-hope and Suga. It’s not a song I thought I’d love but RM’s injections of “Sorry bae” make it addictive. My fourth honourable mention is Not Today, a killer track that has a pounding beat which makes you want to stomp your feet. And last but not least is Dope. The song contains a little chorus featuring brass instruments that instantly makes you wanna get your groove on.

What are your favourite BTS songs?