5 Super Affordable Perfume Dupes For Less Than £3

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5 Super Affordable Perfume Dupes For Less Than £3

When I wrote up my bargain stocking fillers for under £5 post I mentioned a perfume by the name of Stars by Milton Lloyd which is a dupe for the very famous and expensive Thierry Mugler Alien perfume which happens to be my all time favourite fragrance. The dupe costs just £2.99 for a 50ml bottle which is absolutely unreal. I mean what can you actually get for less than three quid nowadays? Not a lot nevermind an expensive perfume dupe, I’ll tell you that. Anyway, when I shared my bargain find a lot of people seemed to take advantage of the bargain scent so I thought I’d share even more perfume dupes that I’ve recently come across from the same brand, Milton Lloyd.

Thierry Mugler Alien perfume dupe

Now for those who haven’t tried Stars by Milton Lloyd, it is a floral woody fragrance that has notes of jasmine, rose and violet. Within the fragrance, you can also detect citrus and orange. Plus sandalwoods, patchouli and white amber notes once it settles. Does it smell like Alien? It’s very close. It isn’t exactly the same as it doesn’t have such a powerful throw nor does it last half as long but as far as dupes go this is pretty damn good. One thing I will say is that when you first spray the perfume it is quite strongly alcohol scented. However, once you let it settle it’s a lovely fragrance.

Jean Paul Gaultier Classique perfume dupe

The second of the perfume dupes I discovered was raunchily named Bondage by Milton Lloyd. This is meant to be a rip off of the much sought after Jean Paul Gaultier Classique. Now, this fragrance is a floral and spicy medley. It’s got notes of orange, jasmine and ginger. As well as musk, amber and vanilla. The only issue? The wear time isn’t the greatest but with the price taken into account, this is something I somewhat expected. Once again the fragrance is a mere £2.99 for 50ml.

Paco Rabanne Lady Million perfume dupe

The third of the perfume dupes I discovered was Pure Gold by Milton Lloyd. Now, this is meant to be a replica of Paco Rabanne Lady Million. Retailing at £2.99 for 55ml this is an absolute steal. The fragrance its self is fresh and citrusy with notes of neroli and raspberry as well as base notes of white honey, patchouli and musks. Oh, and it has notes of white florals too. Again, this smells very identical to the more pricey spray but the longevity isn’t quite on par.

Ghose perfume dupe

The fourth of the perfume dupes I’ve discovered is Spirit Of Shadow by Milton Lloyd. Now the name of this one gave me a chuckle as this is actually a copy of Ghost the fragrance. This scent is a floral offering which contains notes of jasmine, rose petals, vanilla, sandalwood, hibiscus and musk. Again the eau de toilette retails at £2.99 for 50ml and if I’m honest, this smells pretty close to Ghost as I struggle to actually tell the difference. The dead giveaway though? Again, the lasting power, unfortunately.

Armani Code perfume dupe

And the fifth and final of the perfume dupes I’ve discovered is DNA by Milton Lloyd. This is a dupe for Armani Code. The scent is made up of orange, jasmine, ginger and honey. Does it smell like Armani Code? It sure does. However, out of all the perfume dupes, this is the most disappointing. It just doesn’t seem to last at all on me which is a real shame as I really do love the scent. At £2.99 for 55ml, I guess I can’t complain!

So there you have it, 5 bargain perfume dupes for less than £3. Are they absolutely perfect? Well, their longevity could be better. However, it terms of replicating the big brands, they’re really not far off when it comes to scent. Plus, let’s face it, they’re a steal.

Have you tried any of these super affordable fragrances? Which is your all-time favourite perfume?

Please note this post contains affiliate links.