5 Terrific Ways To Use Zoflora To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

5 Terrific Ways To Use Zoflora To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

I’ve spoken about Zoflora many times on my blog now. Just the other day I wrote about 4 Zoflora scents I tried recently and not long before that I talked about 2 excellent Zoflora fragrances that I love. Following on from my post where I talked about how to make your home smell amazing using Zoflora I thought I’d share some more of my tips for using the scented disinfectant

Spray Zoflora on your curtains to freshen them up

The first of the five terrific ways to use Zoflora is to use it to freshen up your curtains. To do this I dilute one cap full of Zoflora to 400ml of water. I do this in a handy spray bottle. You can use an old bottle from another cleaner but if you don’t have one Poundland do a pack of two bottles for, you guess it, a pound. These come in really handy if you’re a Zoflora lover like myself. Once I’ve popped my water and disinfectant into the bottle I then give it a quick shake. Then I draw the curtains and spray the mixture in a sort of zig zag pattern. Once on I then give the curtains a shake before opening them again. It’s really as simple as that.

Wipe Zoflora over your radiators before popping the heating on

The second of the five terrific ways to use Zoflora is to pop some onto your radiator. To do this I take a micro fiber cloth and pour a small amount of neat Zoflora onto it. You don’t want to pour lots onto the cloth as I find this is wasteful as just a small amount does the trick. I then take the cloth and wipe the radiator down. Then I just let it naturally sit until it comes to switching the heating on. Although it’s August and therefore still Summer believe it or not but I had to pop the heating on the other day as it was just too cold. Once I popped the heating on the room filled with beautiful fragrance. I cannot wait to try this trick later on in the year with the Winter Spice scent to give my home that cosy festive feel.

Mop your floor with Zoflora

The third of the five terrific ways to use Zoflora is to use it to mop your floors. Now when it comes to giving your floors a good clean bleach is often the best but it doesn’t smell that great. However, Zoflora smells amazing. In between deep cleaning my kitchen floor I like to use Zoflora. It just keeps everything smelling fresh and clean. To use simply dilute one part Zoflora to forty parts water and then mop until your heart is content.

Also, please don’t be tempted to mix Zoflora and bleach or any chemicals for that matter. I recently read in the news that a lady mixed the two with some other products to mop her floor and ended up suffering from chlorine poisoning. The lady ended up in hospital after suffering from chest pains and quite frankly could have died. Thankfully she is now okay but let the story be a lesson, don’t mix products.

Pop a piece of kitchen roll soaked in Zoflora into your bin to keep it fresh

The fourth of the five terrific ways to use Zoflora is to soak a piece of kitchen roll in Zoflora and pop it inside of your bin to keep in smelling fresh. Bins can be right stinky things and nothing kills stench like Zoflora. Although I clean my bin fairly often, by placing a piece of kitchen roll inside just keeps everything ticking over until the next deep clean.

Clean your vacuum using Zoflora

And the fifth and final of the five terrific ways to use Zoflora is to use it to clean your vacuum. Now I’m not talking about cleaning all the electrical parts. I’m talking about the parts that cannot be damaged like the nozzles, filter, and hoses. Each vacuum is different so you should be 100% sure that the pieces you’re thinking of cleaning don’t contain any motors or electrical parts. Soaking these could break your device and prove dangerous. So before you do anything, do your research.

To clean my vacuum bits and pieces I dilute Zoflora and soak everything. I do this either in my sink or in a big bucket. However, I know a lot of people do this in their bath tub. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have a bath so I cannot do this but I manage to get by. Once I’ve soaked everything I just let it dry over night before putting everything back together. It really is that easy. 

Are you a fan of Zoflora? How do you use the product?

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