5 Ways To Make Your Home Smell Amazing With Zoflora

5 Ways To Make Your Home Smell Amazing With ZofloraUse Zoflora to make faux flowers smell greatFill your sink with Zoflora to kill bacteria and fill your room with fragrance

5 Ways To Make Your Home Smell Amazing With Zoflora

When it comes to cleaning my home one of my newest obsessions is definitely Zoflora. Not heard of Zoflora? Well, it is a fragranced disinfectant that is said to have been around for a long, long time. I mentioned the product to my mam and she said she used to use it years ago but hadn’t tried it in a while. Since moving into our new home I’ve become somewhat obsessed with cleaning. However, I really hate that typical bleachy clean scent. After trying my first bottle of Bouquet scented Zoflora I soon became totally hooked. So hooked that I soon found myself purchasing all the fragrances available in a nearby Poundland.

So how does Zoflora work? Well, firstly a standard size bottle contains 120ml of concentrated product. The idea is then that you dilute this using water. You basically use one cap (10ml) to 400ml of water so it is pretty simple. So if you were to use the whole 120ml bottle you can make 4.8 litres of mixture, not bad considering the bottles cost just £1 at most shops. Once made up Zoflora is said to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that cause bad odours as well as illness to occur. The product is available in a whole range of scents including Bouquet, Hyacinth, Linen Fresh, Springtime, Sweatpea, Summer Bouquet, Cherry Blossom, Citrus Fresh, Country Garden, Lavender, Rose along with a few other interesting fragrances.

1. Spray Zoflora on faux/fake flowers to make them smell amazing.

If you read my recently Wilko home haul then you’ll know that I recently picked up some fake flowers. Fake flowers are great for decoration and a longer lasting alternative to real flowers. However, one thing they lack is obviously the scent of real flowers. However, I have found a solution. By using my diluted Bouquet fragranced Zoflora inside a spray bottle I am able to add a fairly realistic scent to my faux flowers. At first I was a bit concerned that the product might have caused discolouration of the flowers but so far, so good.

2. Fill the sink and drop in some Zoflora to kill bacteria and fill the room with fragrance.

Another was I love to use the scented disinfectant is to fill my sinks. I pop in the plug, fill the sink with warm water and drop in some Zoflora. I then leave this for as long as possible. When it comes to cleaning I feel that actual sinks themselves are neglected but by using this technique I am able to kill that bacteria and in the process I can fill each room with beautiful fragrance. My favourite scent for the sink at the moment is definitely Linen Fresh.

3. Add water and Zoflora to your sink and pop in your dish cloths and sponges.

Another use for the handy product is to use it to disinfect sponges and dish clothes. When cloths and sponges are grubby I tend to just throw them away. However, if I’ve got a fresh sponge or cloth out of the pack, I use it once, it still looks clean and new, I still like to disinfect. Why? Well although they may not look dirty, they can be full of nasty bacteria.

That being said it would work out very costly to use a new sponge or cloth each time I wiped my benches down. The solution? Pop your sponges and cloths in the sink (a half sink works excellently if you have one) then fill it with hot water and some Zoflora. Then leave for a couple of hours, or overnight if you wipe everything down before you go to bed. Before you know it your sponges will be smelling wonderful, as will your whole kitchen!

4. Cover a cloth in diluted Zoflora and wipe down your door frames.

Another top tip? Soak a cloth in diluted Zoflora, ring it out and then wipe around your door frame. This will kill bacteria and make them smell amazing. But why door frames? Well, whenever you walk through into a new room, you will smell the beautiful fragrance. As well as using the product wiped over my door frames I also like to use it on door handles and on the skirting boards too. The possibilities really are endless.

6. Fill an old spray bottle, drop in Zoflora and use it as a handy spray.

And lastly is probably the simplest way I used Zoflora. I dilute it in a handy spray bottle and disinfect my surfaces using the product. Now lets clear one thing up. Zoflora is not a cleaning spray. This stuff isn’t going to clean up caked on stains or spills. You need something else to tackle those. However, this product is great for everyday use for disinfecting. I spray it daily onto my benches, tables, cupboard doors and handles to kill bacteria that is not visible. It works effectively and you get the addition of the fragrance too.

Have you tried Zoflora? Are you a fan?

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