8 Fantastic Tracks That I Haven’t Stopped Playing In January

8 Fantastic Tracks That I Haven't Stopped Playing In January

With the new year upon us, new tracks have been taking over my music library rapidly. Of course, I still love all my old favourites but throughout January 8 tracks, in particular, have been put on repeat on more than one occasion. As always my music taste is pretty varied which some people might find a bit strange but hey, I like what I like. So without further ado, here are 8 fantastic tracks that I haven’t stopped playing in January. PS. If you want to listen to said songs, scroll to the bottom of the post to find the embedded playlist.

Bring Me The Horizon – Medicine

The first of the 8 fantastic tracks that I’ve been listening to non-stop this January has been Bring Me The Horizon – Medicine. The track was released earlier in the month on the band’s sixth studio album, Amo. The track varies greatly from many of Bring Me The Horizon’s other tracks in the sense that it doesn’t have their typical metalcore sound. Instead, Medicine is a track that is, shall we say, much more radio friendly. Well at least compared to other songs. Medicine is a song influenced by Ollie Sykes’ relationship with his ex-wife. It’s basically about how negative people influence you and how their departure from your life can make things better. It’s a track that’ll have you singing along before you know it.

Sick Puppies – You’re Going Down

The second of the 8 fantastic tracks that I haven’t stopped playing in January is Sick Puppies – You’re Going Down. Unlike BMTH’s Medicine, You’re Going Down isn’t a new track. In fact, it was released back in 2009 and later this year it turns 10 years old. The song was used as part of WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view event back in 2009. The nu-metal track was actually written when singer and lead guitarist Shimon Moore sat down and asked himself when you’re getting pumped up to get into the ring, what would you hear. You’re Going Down was the product of that thought. 

Falling In Reverse – Losing My Mind

The third of the 8 fantastic tracks that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed is Falling In Reverse – Losing My Mind. Released last year Losing My Mind is primarily a rock track that contains a mix of all genres. It’s kind of a blend of metalcore, pop, rock, hip-hop and in parts, it even has an electronic vibe to it. On paper, the track sounds like a total mess but it is surprisingly good and the combination of different music styles works effectively.

BACK-ON – Clown

The fourth of the 8 fantastic songs that has been receiving a lot of love from me this month is BACK-ON – Clown. Now firstly if you’ve never heard of BACK-ON, they’re a Japanese rock band made up of two members, Kenji03 and Teeda. The band is primarily known for creating anime and game opening themes. They kind of remind me a little of Fallout Boy but not massively. The track Clown is basically a mix of rock and rap. It contains explicit language at points along with an addictive beat that sounds distinctively Japanese. The song is primarily in Japanese teamed with pops of English lyrics but you don’t need to know the words off by heart to enjoy the track.

Charlie Puth – The Way I Am

The fifth of the 8 fantastic songs that I’ve been listening to a ton is Charlie Puth – The Way I Am. Released in Summer last year The Way I Am is an upbeat track that features a recurring electric guitar riff throughout alongside Charlie’s distinctive and impressive tenor vocals. The self-acceptance song is a somewhat chilled track but it’s still a total bop that will have you tapping your toes before you know it.

Icona Pop – In The Stars

The sixth of the 8 fantastic songs I’ve been playing lots and lots this January is Icona Pop – In The Stars. I love a bit of Icona Pop. Although I Love It is their biggest and most known track, the songs Girlfriend and We Got The World are what really made me fall in love with the Swedish electropop duo. Anyway, In The Stars is another brilliant track from the same 2013 album as the two previously mentioned songs. In The Stars has a super euro pop feel and a powerful catchy as hell chorus. Seriously, the song is a banger.

Jennie – Solo

The seventh of the 8 fantastic songs I’ve not stopped playing is Jennie – Solo. Now you may know Jennie from the K-Pop girl group Blackpink. Well, Jennie has released her first solo track and titled it, you guessed it, Solo. How original, eh? All jokes aside though, Solo is actually a brilliant little track. It showcases both Jennie’s beautiful vocals and epic badass rap skills. The song contains a synthy riff, a repetitive finger-snapping like beat and a very hip hop vibe. You can certainly tell the track is from a Blackpink member but that isn’t to say that Jennie doesn’t make the track her own because she most certainly does. The song is sassy, gives off strong girl power vibes and is well worth a listen.

Twice – Dance The Night Away

The final of the 8 fantastic songs I’ve been listening to a hell of a lot in January is Twice – Dance The Night Away. Now Twice are a K-Pop girl group consisting of nine members. Now I’m going to be controversial here and say that I’ve never been the biggest Twice fan. I’ve always found them a bit too cutesy and sickly sweet. However, recently I’ve LOVED not one but two of their tracks. The first track is Yes Or Yes but the real star of the show is Dance The Night Away. Dance The Night Away is a track that’ll make you want to shake your booty. DTNA is an EDM banger that has a really upbeat tempo. It features heavy bass, horns and synths. Sure it’s still a little cutesy but it’s become one of my favourites.



What tracks have you been loving this month?