A Lighter Healthier Alternative To Pizza

A Lighter Healthier Alternative To Pizza | Wrap Pizza

A Lighter Healthier Alternative To Pizza: Wrap Pizza

A light while back I shared a “recipe” on how to make tasty Pitta Bread Pizzas. Although Pita Bread Pizzas are amazing for when you are wanting to have a quick pizza like treat without having the hassle of making dough and what not, they are still on the heavy side. Since I started following the Slimming World Extra Easy plan one of the things I’ve really cut down on is bread products. Slimming World basically have things called Healthy Extras. These Healthy Extras come in two forms A and B. Healthy Extra A consists of things like cheese and milk where Healthy Extra B consists of things like bread, cereal and nuts. Basically on the plan you choose one Healthy Extra A and one Healthy Extra B each day. For example, I’ve recently been using my Healthy Extras to make a light wrap style pizza which is perfect for lunch, especially when teamed up with a tasty salad. This pizza is made up of 42g Mozzarella (Healthy Extra A) and one B Free Multigrain Wrap (Healthy Extra B) The idea is that you get enough fibre, calcium and nutrients without eating too much fattening cheese, stodgy bread and sugary cereals which can obviously lead to weight gain. At first this did take some getting used to as I absolutely adore cheese but I’m pretty used to it now and considering I’ve lost 2 stone in weight from following the plan, it is something worth doing.

Anyway, for these wrap style pizzas I basically cover a wholemeal wrap with a few spoons of tinned tomatoes, oregano and a tiny bit of Lazy Garlic. I then essentially cover the entire wrap with my favourite toppings. For the above wrap pizza I added red onions, jalapenos, sweetcorn, pineapple, ham, some marinaded spicy chicken breast, spinach and some red peppers. I then added my cheese on top with a further sprinkling of oregano before popping the wrap pizza in the oven for around 10 minutes. Obviously it doesn’t taste exactly like a pizza from the pizza shop but it is satisfying and very tasty indeed.

Have you tried this lighter style of pizza? Do you follow Slimming World?