Affordable Rose Gold Oval Makeup Brushes

Affordable Rose Gold Oval Makeup Brushes

Affordable Rose Gold Oval Makeup Brushes

I’ve gotten a lot of cheap but good quality makeup brushes from AliExpress. Not long back I reviewed the 12 piece professional makeup brush set. Most recently I mentioned these cheap Artis brush dupes in my December 2016 favourites. The set that I purchased cost around the £5 mark but with many items on AliExpress the price seems to go up and down all the time. In the set, I received five makeup brushes, three larger toothbrush style brushes and two smaller precision style brushes. The brushes are made of sturdy plastic and feature pretty rose gold coloured heads along with super soft bristles. According to the product listing these brushes contain synthetic hairs and I must say, the larger style brushes in the set are extremely soft. As for the two smaller brushes, these appear less soft and very different in quality.

Three fantastic brushes

As previously mentioned you get five different brushes in this set. The first brush is a large toothbrush shaped brush. This brush is ideal for applying both liquid foundations and setting powders. The brush is very dense and works wonderfully at blending product into the skin for a flawless yet natural finish. The second brush in the set is a slightly smaller version of the brush that I just mentioned. This brush is equally as soft and works well for applying and blending both blush and highlighter. The third brush is once again similar in appearance but again, it is smaller in size. I personally like to use this brush to blend out my affordable under eye concealer, although it is a little on the large side. Never the less it is super soft and of great quality.

Two very poor brushes

As for the other two brushes in the set, I’ll be frank, they’re a letdown. The first brush is a thin and small toothbrush style brush. This is apparently meant for applying eyeliner but the bristles aren’t packed together well making it pretty impossible for this use. The second brush is a small round shape. In theory, this brush should be good for dotting on concealer. However, as you can tell from the image above this brush is badly made with the bristles being very poorly glued in place. Honestly? These two brushes are rubbish and I don’t get any use out of them.

All in all, I love the larger style rose gold oval makeup brushes

When it comes to this set I find the three larger brushes to work amazingly well. However, the two smaller brushes in the set are extremely poor and pretty useless for me. That being said because the brush set was so affordable, especially in comparison to other similar sets on the market I still feel like the set was worth it, just for the three great brushes. However, if you are thinking of buying this set for that round concealer brush and thin liner brush, don’t expect too much.

Have you tried these rose gold oval makeup brushes?

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