Amelia Moss Barbary Fig Oil Review

Amelia Moss Barbary Fig Oil Review

Recently I was sent a bottle of the Amelia Moss Barbary Fig Oil. After also receiving the Amelia Moss Rose Water and being really impressed, it was honestly no surprise that I enjoyed using the Barbary Fig Oil so much that it even made it into my March 2016 Favourites post. If you’ve never heard of Barbary Fig Oil, it is an oil that comes from Morocco. The Amelia Moss version is 100% organic and cold pressed which means that it is the purest and most effective form. The product contains antioxidants, omega 6 and a whole host of nourishing vitamins to help treat the skin. The oil is ideal for softening and hydrating the skin, reducing aging signs and sun damage.

So, what sets this apart from other popular oils such as Argan and Rose Hip? Well the formula of this product is hand on heart, so much better and more suitable for my skin than any other oil I’ve tried. Although many swear Argan is the most nourishing oil available, I actually found this to give my skin a more moisturised feeling and I found my skin repaired really well. But the thing that really, really set this apart from the rest is the way it felt on my skin. Now I know this might sound absolutely crazy but the Amelia Moss Barbary Fig Oil p did not give a greasy or oily film to my face. When I first apply the oil it does understandably have that slight slippery texture but in comparison to other oils I’ve tried, it is actually really lightweight but it sinks into the skin incredibly fast. This not only means that there isn’t that awkward waiting around stage but it also means that if you’re wanting to apply makeup or other products on top, you can do so more enough straight away.

One other great thing worth mentioning is that this is the perfect oil if you are someone who suffers from acne, congestion, spot prone skin or even oily skin. For many people with “problem” skin they seem to stay away from oils however, this is one of the few oils that I have discovered that is actually suitable and won’t cause the skin further breakouts. For me my chin is prone to breakouts but even when using the Amelia Moss Barbary Fig Oil I’ve found that it treats my dry skin but it doesn’t block the pores or cause me any spots. Now the product is also said to tackle the signs of ageing however, as I’m only 21 and I’m fortunate enough not to have any wrinkles meaning that I can’t really comment on that claim however, I have found this to help tackle a small scar on my face from when I caught Chicken Pox. Now I will say that for me Rose Hip Oil does still remain the best for tackling scars but this product, also known as prickly pear oil didn’t do a bad job at all. Since I’ve started using this product I’ve found that although my scar isn’t fading as quickly as it was when I was using my Rose Hip, it is still fading, just at a slightly slower rate. Admittedly I will be reverting back to my Rose Hip for that small area because it is more prominent than I’d like it to be, I think if you have more subtle scarring that isn’t too deep that you want to tackle, the Barbary Fig product is definitely something that can take care of it.

The only real negative of the product is that it does have a quite hefty price tag. It currently retails at £40.00 for 30ml of product (link) which to many is really rather eye watering. The oil is more expensive than the likes of Jojoba, Argan, Rosehip and Marula but after doing some research I’ve found that this is due to the process of getting the product. Apparently it takes one ton of prickly pear fruits to produce just 1 litre of product so it isn’t the easiest thing to get a hold of! Because of this and because of the actual effect it has had on my skin, I can honestly justify the price tag. Sure I would LOVE for it to be much cheaper and more affordable but for me, this is the best oil I’ve tried, the most suitable and effective for my skin. Oh and whilst 30ml of product might not sound like a lot, I’ve found that one to two drops per application is definitely sufficient so it isn’t like you’re using heaps of product every time you apply it (I’ve been using the product every day for around 2 months and the bottle still looks full!)

All in all I’ve got to say, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this product. The formula is something I’ve fallen in love with and the results have been extremely pleasing. Oh and if you’re looking for an extremely moisturising overnight treatment, I highly recommend mixing a drop or two with some cheap and cheerful Astral Cream. In the morning your skin will feel extremely smooth, soft and your dry skin will definitely be improved.

Have you tried the Amelia Moss Barbary Fig Oil? What did you think of it?

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