An Excellent Green Tea That Is Not Bitter At All?

Want to hear my thoughts on the Tetley Lemon Green Tea?
An Excellent Green Tea That Is Not Bitter At All? | Tetley Lemon Green Tea
I know this may seem like a little bit of a weird post, but I thought I’d share my love for a very lovely hot beverage. Now I know at this time of year you’d think I would be opting for the cooler drinks that are to be had and I am, but right before bed I like to have a nice cup of the Tetley Lemon Green Tea. Now myself and green tea didn’t have the best start. A couple of years back I bought a box of plain green tea and gave it a try. If you’ve tried the tea before then you’ll know that it is a very acquired taste and it was certainly not something I enjoyed. After that experience I was put off trying green tea for quite a while but I then began delving into the world of flavoured green teas and oh my am I glad I did. I’ve so far discovered lots of flavours that I love and one of my recent favourites is plain and simple Lemon. Now Marc isn’t into green tea, nor is my family but they have tried this and thought it was okay, although my mam did compare it to drinking a Lemsip (trust me, it is much nicer!) Anyway, I love the taste. I pop in a spoonful of sugar in for good measure and I usually sip a cup right before bed. I find it just clears my sinuses and calms me down after a stressful day. It is obviously a little refreshing but not something I would necessarily recommend to wake you up. It is however fresh and delicious. I purchased my box of 50 bags for literally 50p as I had a coupon but I do know that the box usually retails at around £1-£1.50 so it isn’t too bad and I have no problems paying that price when it comes to repurchasing.


Have you tried this tea?