Are Cream Blushes Really Just For Summer?

Are Cream Blushes Really Just For Summer?

One thing I often see people stating on blogs, YouTube videos and life in general is that cream blushes are only for Summer and I’d have to say, this is something I strongly disagree with as I believe cream blushes can be used all year round to achieve gorgeous looking blushed cheeks. So why do I think cream blushes are suitable for use all year round? Well for the two main reasons below.

They’re great for those with dry skin

If you are someone who has dry skin then I highly recommend cream blushes. Why? Well unlike powder formula blushes, cream blushes give a gorgeous dewy finish, making the skin appear more hydrated and glowing. When it comes to powder blushes often they can cling to dry areas and make the cheeks appear really flaky and cakey. Personally I don’t find this happens with cream formulas which makes them much more suitable for my skin when it is more on the dry side. Because of this I have no doubt that I will be reaching for my cream blushes more and more as the weather begins to get colder as this is when my skin tends to dry out more which is understandably the same for many people.

Cream blushes can provide a great base for powder blushes

If you are someone who prefers powder blushes in the Autumn and Winter months, cream blushes can still come in handy. By applying a cream blush underneath your powder blusher you can provide a good even and smooth base for your powder product to stick to. Also, a cream blush can really make your powder blush pop by really bringing out the colour and by wearing a cream blush as a base you can sometimes even increase wear time which is a added plus in my eyes.

My favourite cream blushes that I recommend:


Are you a cream blush fan? Do you wear the formula all year round or do you tend to stick to the texture in the Summer months?