Ashleigh & Burwood Escapology Moroccan Rose Candle Review

Ashleigh & Burwood Escapology Moroccan Rose Candle ReviewAshleigh & Burwood Escapology Moroccan Rose Candle Review

Recently I was sent a fantastic product from the lovely people over at Ashleigh & Burwood. Haven’t heard of them? Well Ashleigh & Burwood are a specialist home fragrance company that was formed in London in 1993. They produce and design both contemporary and classic home fragrance products that enhance home ambience. The company strongly believes in quality and aim to build long and trusting relationships with their customers. They also state that they will never compromise quality over price but at the same time they aim to offer products at fair prices. When it comes to luxuriously scented candles, I definitely think Ashleigh & Burwood are a company that definitely fits the bill.

Not long back I received the Ashleigh & Burwood Escapology Moroccan Rose Candle and I’ve got to say, this candle is seriously gorgeous. First things first, the candle retails at £17.99, contains 180 grams/approx. 6oz of wax and the candle is available to purchase on the Ashleigh & Burwood website. Now a lot of people may say that £17.99 is a bit steep for this candle to be priced at and before trying it out I would certainly have agreed but I think the quality of the candle is something that sets this apart from a lot of the home fragrance branded candles on the market. Firstly the candles appearance is simple yet classy and elegant. The wax its self is uncoloured and comes in a thick frosted glass holder that sports a beautiful gold coloured henna like design. I love this as not only is this design likely to go with virtually any kind of decorated room, when I’ve entirely used the candle up I can use the glass to hold other items such as my makeup brushes. In terms of the scent, it is divine. The fragrance is very floral like and a little like a eau de parfum spray in terms of its strength. It has notes of bergamot, carnation, lily and sandalwood. It is a very exotic aroma that is pleasant, detectable and oddly a little relaxing. In terms of the burn, I found the candle to burn nice and evenly and it was a very slow burner too. Now Ashleigh & Burwood claim that this candle burns for 40 hours and although I haven’t entirely finished the candle, I have been burning it for around 4 hours a day for the past week so I can definitely say that it lasts well. For scent throw I find it to fragrance my bedroom nicely however, it isn’t too strong nor is it overpowering. It also masks other scents well and keeps my bedroom smelling gorgeous. All in all, I really, really like this candle and I also think it would make a fantastic gift for a loved one for say a birthday, anniversary or even for Christmas.

Are you a Ashleigh & Burwood fan? What is your favourite luxury candle?