Astral Cream Review

Astral Cream ReviewAstral Cream Review

I’ve spoken about this recently however, since changing my diet and cutting out a lot of fats and greasy foods, my skin has become a lot more dry. I’ve tried heaps and heaps of products but nothing seems to work except for a certain facial oil (more on that another day!) and Astral Cream. Not heard of Astral Cream? Well believe it or not, neither had I which some might find surprising as the cream has been around for over 60 years. When I mentioned to my mam that I had been trying out Astral Cream and I’d been left feeling very surprised at how effective it was she replied with “What, you’ve never heard of Astral Cream!? It’s been around for YEARS. It has a lovely smell and definitely does work” So yeah, even my mam had heard of it.

Essentially Astral Cream is a very thick and nourishing moisturiser that you can use all over your face and body. The cream comes in quite a simple fuss free blue tub and is available in 50ml, 200ml and 500ml. I have a little 50ml tub that I’ve been using for around a month now and it hardly looks like I’ve even touched it. I find the tub is great for throwing into my bag for on the go use and despite using it mostly for my dry face, I’ve also took a liking to using the cream as a hand and nail cream too. If you’re familiar with the famous Nivea Creme that also comes housed in a blue tub, this is a very similar product but it does have its differences.

Now if you are someone with really oily skin, I would say to steer clear of this however, if you suffer from really dry skin, this is definitely something you’ll want to check out. Before trying Astral Cream I found my skin was really dull looking and I had some really stubborn dry flaky patches. Combined with the use of a good exfoliator I’ve found this thick moisturiser to really, really help my skin problems. Since I began using the cream I’ve found my skin is much, much more hydrated, my dry patches are virtually gone, the texture is much smoother and softer and I’ve even noticed an improvement in other areas of my face too which I never expected. For example, my dark circles, somehow aren’t as noticeable and some scarring I had from Chicken Pox seems to have minimized a lot. Because of this it makes me think that this cream could potentially be ideal for more mature ladies and gents who wish to tackle wrinkles and fine lines, but I’ve not 100% sure it would work, so please don’t hold me to that. One thing I can confirm though is that Astral Cream is great for use as a makeup remover as well as a moisturiser. Popping a small amount of this onto the skin and removing it with a warm ringed out muslin cloth really breaks down the majority of makeup, even camouflage creams so that you can gently yet effectively remove your cosmetics, leaving you with a clean face but without any further drying out of the skin.

Oh and before I forget, it isn’t only me who has had success with Astral Cream. Marc, the other half, suffers from really bad Eczema flare ups that become really red and extremely itchy. For a while now he has been using steroid cream to try to keep his flare ups under control but as many of you know, if you use steroid cream for long periods of time, the skin thins which obviously means that it isn’t safe for really frequent use. The steroid cream Marc uses is also quite potent so you can imagine it absolutely reeks. Now I know Eczema and dry skin aren’t exactly the same thing however, dry skin is a major characteristic of Eczema so I got Marc to give the cream a go as there was really no harm in trying it. He popped the cream onto his effected areas (his arms, hands and wrists tend to be the worst) and after a couple of days there was definite improvement, both visually and physically. The redness seemed calmed, the dry skin felt softer and improved and that itch was taken away. For Marc Eczema isn’t something that necessarily gets him down however, I do notice he does get frustrated during flare ups, particularly with the itch that comes along with it so it was nice to see improvement and to see Marc as his happy self. Another thing Marc and myself liked about the cream was the scent in comparison to the strongly scented steroid cream. Astral Cream smells soft, clean, a little soap like and gentle, a big difference from that other strong horrible scent.

The only slight negative that I found with Astral was that for the first 2-3 days of using it I did experience some slight breakouts. This did quickly die down though so it definitely hasn’t put me off. All in all I’m definitely an Astral Cream convert. Since I began using the cream, my skin has literally transformed and I’ve already purchased a larger tub for future use. The best bit? Unlike the fancier, higher end creams, this stuff is dirt cheap. 50ml retails at £1.29, 200ml retails at £3.89 and 500ml at £7.99 HOWEVER, Superdrug do often have the 200ml and 500ml on offer for half price, which is an offer they currently have on at the moment (I believe it does end tomorrow though, so be quick if you want to take advantage of the deal) Astral might not seem like the most exciting or modern brand but I can hand on heart say that the cream really does work and it is extremely good value for money. For more information on Astral Cream and their other products, be sure to head over to their website (link) or to purchase a tub head over to the Superdrug website (link) or to your nearest store.

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