August 2018 Favourites: Blogging, Funko POP! Figures, Cream Bleach and K-Pop

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August 2018 Favourites: Blogging, Funko POP! Figures, Cream Bleach and K-Pop

Ainsley Harriott Singapore Aromatic Spice Rice

The first thing to make it into my August 2018 favourites is the Ainsley Harriott Singapore Aromatic Spice Rice. Now I know this is really random but seriously I’ve been obsessed with this stuff. For the most part of the month, I’ve been batch cooking and following a calorie controlled diet. However, I struggle with what to take to work. This is where these handy sachets come in. You simply pour the sachet into a container with water, whack it in the microwave and hey presto, in next to no time you’ve got tasty rice.

Now unlike a lot of microwave rice, this isn’t swimming in calories. A full sachet contains 193 calories and actually tastes nice. It’s like a sort of spicy curry flavour which is right up my street. The only thing I will say is that I find these sachets take nearer 10 minutes to cook rather than the 5 minute recommended time. I just find it needs the extra time to really get rid of the excess liquid. Regardless, I have really been enjoying these. They’re also currently on offer for 5op at ASDA making them both handy and affordable.

The Rain

The second thing to make it into my August 2018 favourites is the Netflix series, The Rain. I actually mentioned this show recently in my awesome things to watch on Netflix post. The Rain is a Danish post-apocalyptic series which sees siblings Simone and Rasmus search for answers after rain falls containing a mystery virus which kills almost everyone in Scandinavia. The pair emerge from a bunker six years after being instructed to stay there from their father, a scientist who leaves to try and stop the virus. During the series the duo team up with other young survivors and go on a mission across Denmark and Sweden to find their dad, a cure and a better place to survive. The show isn’t flawless. There are plotholes and unanswered questions but it is a great watch nevertheless.

Seungri – Where R U From

The third thing to make it into my August 2018 favourites is a song from K-Pop singer, Seungri of boy band Big Bang. With his fellow members away completing their mandatory military service Seungri has released a solo album. Last month I mentioned his track 1,2,3! In my July 2018 music favourites but this month is the turn of Where R U From. I mentioned this track in my August 2018 song favourites as it is so catchy and I’ve listened to it non stop. The song has a very similar vibe to a Psy track in the sense that it has an addictive beat. The video also screams Psy with similar choreography to the viral star. Seriously though, give the video a watch, it is great.

The video features Seungri mocking Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. It is also jam-packed full of references to YG Entertainment from comedian Yoo Byung Jae dressed as G Dragon to frames imitating Blackpink’s video. Seungri even wears a black and white coat whilst holding bamboo, a nod to the fact fans refer to him as Panda. The song also features Mino of Winner, Seungri’s labelmate.

C.O.D Zombies

The fourth thing to make it into my August 2018 favourites is C.O.D Zombies. Earlier this month I purchased a few super affordable games and shared these in my haul from The Game Collection. One of the games I picked up was Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Have I been obsessed with the campaign? Not quite. Instead, I’ve been favouring Zombies. Why? Well, it is so addictive. However one of the main reasons I love it is because Peter and I can play it together when he is here.

Nowadays there seems to be very few games that you can do this. There are lots of games you can play online together but non in the flesh on the same console which kinda sucks. Anyway, we’ve been playing this quite a bit and thoroughly enjoyed working as a team to get as far as we can. The aim of the game? Basically, you have to try and survive for as many rounds as you can and restore power to the 80’s style theme park while zombies invade. Each round increases in difficulty but it is an excellent game.

Jolen Cream Bleach

The fifth thing to make it into my August 2018 favourites is Jolen Cream Bleach. As a dark haired gal let me tell you, the struggle is real when it comes to keeping my hairy upper lip under control. Sorry if that is too much information but I like to keep things real and honest here on my blog. For years I’ve been using this spring device to remove my upper lip hair. It kind of works like threading but let me tell you, it doesn’t tickle and can bring a tear to my eye when I use it. Over the years I’ve tried many creams and bleaches but all have caused me to have a slight allergic reaction. That is until now.

I was recently very kindly sent some Jolen Cream Bleach and it has worked wonders on me. To use it you simply mix a cream and a powder, whack it on the area, wait and then rinse it off. Simple as that. It bleaches my hair well, it is painless albeit a teeny tiny bit itchy and it doesn’t absolutely reek like a lot of products I have tried. I’ve also tried this on stray hairs above my brows and on peach fuzz. It works marvellously and I would recommend to all those looking to tackle their unwanted dark hairs.

Black Lady Funko Pop

The sixth thing to make it into my August 2018 favourites is the Black Lady Funko Pop figure. Now I LOVE Funko Pop figures. I love collecting them, I love the way they look and I love the variety. If you read my post on Funko Pops then you’ll have spotted my Sailor Moon collection. This month I was very fortunate to get my hands on the BL Funko Pop which was a San Diego Comic-Con 2018 limited edition pop. Luckily for me, EMP exclusively sold the pop along with the New York Comic-Con 2017 limited edition Sailor V Funko Pop which I also got my hands on.

Out of the two the Black Lady Funko POP! is my favourite as she is super pretty and I adore her gorgeous pink hair. Although I do still love Sailor V. Also this month Peter super duper kindly bought me the Queen Beryl Funko Pop. That means that my SM collection is almost complete. I just need the three-piece Queen Serenity Small Lady King Endymion set that I mentioned in my Sailor Moon wishlist.


One thing I’ve really been enjoying has been blogging. I’ve been blogging since 2009 believe it or not and since beginning my likes and dislikes have changed a lot. As a person, I am very different and sometimes I often feel like I’ve outgrown this blog a little. Don’t get me wrong I still love makeup and for sure want to start sharing more beauty related content again but I also want to write about other things. That’s why recently I’ve been writing about other things that interest me like gaming, music, Netflix and my love for Funko POP! Figures.

I’m kinda nerdy in all honestly and I want to talk about things that excite me other than lipsticks and foundation. I realise it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but some of you may enjoy my content and it makes me happy. Of course, I’ll still be chatting about makeup but it won’t be the main focus anymore. I want my blog to be filled with all of the things that I love.

What made it into your monthly favourites this month?


Please note this post contains affiliate links.