Can You Really Make Money On Prolific Academic?

Can You Really Make Money On Prolific Academic?

Can You Really Make Money On Prolific Academic?

In my 2 ways to make extra money online blog post, I mentioned a website called Prolific Academic. Prolific Academic is a survey website with a difference. Have you heard of those survey websites where you spend 40 minutes filling out a survey, only to be paid a mere 20p? Or even worse, you spend 40 minutes of your precious time only to be screened out meaning you’ve completely wasted your time? Well, Prolific Academic is not like that at all. Instead of paying you peanuts you get paid a nice little amount of money for spending hardly any time at all answering questions.

Earn a little extra cash by answering simple questions

Now, this money isn’t going to take you on a five-star cruise around the Caribbean but it is going to add a little extra cash to your bank balance. For example, I recently completed a survey which paid £3.00 for 30 minutes of my time. In reality, this survey took me less than 30 minutes to complete. That being said all surveys on the site work out at paying at least £5.00 per hour. This is because Prolific state that they believe in ethical rewards which I think is fantastic.

No screening out!

Another thing I love about the site is that you don’t have to worry about being “screened out” of surveys. This is because the site only offers you surveys that you are eligible for due to prescreening questions already being asked in your dashboard area. This means that you don’t waste your time. Another plus of the site is the low payment threshold. You only need to accumulate £5 before you can cash out. I find this extremely easy to reach. However, I like to cash out when I hit the £20 mark. Why? Well when it comes to being paid you get paid through PayPal. With amounts under £20 you end up having money taken off to cover PayPal fees. However, once you hit the £20 mark if you are in the UK you don’t end up paying any fess meaning you keep all of the money you earned.

When it comes to the frequency of surveys I find surveys often appear in my studies area. I’ve also found that occasionally I get emails about new surveys but this doesn’t happen all the time. When you do get emails from Prolific my advice is to act fast. Each survey has an number of spots and these places fill up extremely fast. Since moving house I’ve not had as much time as I would have liked to visit Prolific. However, if you check daily you can definitely make a nice little amount of cash. Since joining the site I’ve made £31.78 with more money currently pending, not bad for answering a few questions!

Have you tried Prolific Academic?

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