Chuckling Goat Breakout Toolkit Review

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Not long ago I was very, very kindly sent the Chuckling Goat Breakout Toolkit to try out. Now firstly, Chuckling Goat is a company which began when a little boy named Benji kept getting bronchial infections. Rich, a Welsh farmer knew that goats milk was good for this so Shann and Rich decided to purchase a black and white goat named Buddug. Benji then began drinking Buddug’s raw milk and by doing so his asthma was cleared meaning that his inhalers could be put away in the cupboard. After this Shann found that there was a surplus of goats milk and she learned how to make handmade skin cream and soap from the goats milk. Benji used the products that Shann had made and found that much like the case with his asthma, the products cleared his eczema. After this the couple then learned how to make Kefir, an Eastern European live culture known for its immune system boosting properties. The two then found that demand for their natural healing remedies began to grow so very bravely they both quit their day jobs and launched their online business. However, things turned sour as Rich came out of hospital after having a major operation with a 10 inch abdominal incision that was infected with MRSA. Doctors told Rich that there was nothing they could do for him and they both feared the worst. In the mean time Rich used the natural ingredients and almost by a miracle his condition was cleared. The two are now working with the Innovation Sector Of the Welsh Assembly Government and the scientist researchers at Swansea University to explore, further test and develop their healing remedies. As I said earlier, I received the Chuckling Goat Breakout Toolkit. This kit contains three products which come housed in a very funky briefcase shaped cardboard box that contains gorgeous art work by Welsh artist Helen Elliott (Don’t you just love great packaging? I know I do!) Now this toolkit is aimed at those who suffer from eczema, rosacea, acne, spots and psoriasis. It is the strongest formula from Chuckling Goat and is said to work the most quickest out of any of their formulations. The kit retails at £19.95 excluding VAT and £24.94 with VAT. The three products that you get in this kit are the Break-Out Magic Cleanser, the Break-Out Magic Lotion and the Break-Out Magic Bath Melts, all of which can also be purchased separately too. Here is what I thought of each product:


Break-Out Magic Cleanser – £3.95 excluding VAT/£5.35 including VAT

Now I’ll be 110% honest here, whenever I try Acne targeted cleansers I almost always find that although they do help to improve my spots and blemishes, I find they are unbelievably drying on my skin. This isn’t good, especially as I also have dry flaky patches which do not need to be dried out further. Anyway, when I received the Break-Out Magic Cleanser in my skin I was excited but at the same time I was also cautious. Nevertheless I gave it a try. The cleanser contains goats milk, thyme, kefir and one of my all time favourite ingredients, tea tree essential oil. For the soap base it is made of live culture kefir, coconut oil. sustainable palm oil and olive oil. There is also a organic green facial clay added to the mix to help with additional healing and clearing but rest assured, the formula is free from nasty chemicals, dyes, perfumes, pthalates, parabens and petrochemicals plus each soap is made in small batches from natural ingredients. When I first tried the cleanser, I really, really liked it. I found it to be surprisingly gentle and it actually cleansed the skin really, really well. Personally I don’t use the whole bar at a time, I cut off a small amount to use as I like to keep my soaps as free from bacteria as I possibly can. By doing this is was a little tricky at first as the small amount kept slipping out of my hands but I soon got the hang of it and in next to no time I’d concurred the application.  After use my skin felt clean yet not dried out. It also felt soft, not super soft but I think the natural oils in the recipe definitely did help my skin. Now I personally wouldn’t use this on my entire face as part of me feels like it could be a bit too much for my skin so I tend to use it specifically on my spot prone areas such as my china and my nose. I also use this on the body and sometimes I even use it as a shaving foam alternative as I find it to be really effective. Oh and the sent is something I enjoyed too. It has your typical tea tree aroma which I love but it also has a detectable note of thyme to it which gives the fragrance an extra dimension. Since I began using this I’ve noticed my skin has dramatically improved. At the moment my skin is the clearest it has been in a long time and because of that I seriously applaud both Shann and Rich for formulating such an effective product.

Break-Out Magic Lotion – £6.95 excluding VAT/£8.94 including VAT

The second product that I received in my kit was the Break-Out Magic Lotion. This lotion contains goats milk, live culture kefir, rice bran oil and olive oil. It is said to moisturise, soothe and heal the skin. Much like the rest of the Break-Out line it contains thyme and tea tree essential oils which are said to tackle the bacteria that causes inflammation of the skin, cracks and break outs. Now first things first, this isn’t a super moisturising product. It is however a fairly light lotion that sinks into the pores nicely and keeps the skin from drying out. I think if you are someone who has acne/blemish/spot prone skin or you are someone who has an oily to combination skin type, this is definitely the product for you as it is slightly astringent. If like me you have blemishes but you also suffer from dryness too, I’d recommend using this lotion on your spots and a moisturiser that is targeted specifically at dry skin on your flaky areas, just so you know that you skin is getting the best treatment that it can possibly receive. Anyway, the moisturiser sinks in really quite well. It isn’t greasy nor is it thick or sticky. It has a tea tree herbal scent which I find to be pleasant plus the fact that the formula doesn’t contain any chemicals, perfumes, parabens, dyes, pthalates or petrochemicals makes things that even bit sweeter. On the skin it feels very soothing which I found quite strange for a tea tree product but I’m certainly not complaining as I enjoy the experience of applying this to my skin.

Break-Out Magic Bath Melts – £6.95 excluding VAT/£8.94 including VAT

When it comes to bath products I love, love, love them. Normally I am partial to a nice colourful and floral scented bubble bar from good old LUSH cosmetics but I do also like to try out products that are a little less luxurious and a little more targeted towards actually treating the skin. Now in a pack you get six little bath melts. From first glance I honestly thought these were little knobs of butter but from further inspection I realised that they were indeed bath melts. Each melt is jam packed full of coconut oil, cocoa butter, thyme and tea tree oil. Now don’t let the small size of these gems fool you, one melt per bath is more than enough. For use I simply pop one into my bath as I’m running the water and when it is entirely melted, I hop in. Now first things first, these melts are SUPER moisturising. They really do soften the skin and don’t dry it out in the slightest however, because they are so moisturising they make the tub VERY slippery so I will say be extremely careful when bathing as I would hate to hear of any injuries occurring. In terms of the scent it is very tea tree like and a little herby which I did enjoy it. Now the one thing that really did impress me was after each bath I noticed a significant improvement to my skin. My blemishes appeared less inflamed and my red skin felt calm. My dry skin was also nourished and as a whole the formula just seemed to work wonderfully on my skin. I think if your skin is in desperate need of some TLC, these little gems are a wonderful option.

All in all I really, really enjoyed trying out the Chuckling Goat goodies. I know a lot of companies out there throw amazing claims about left right and center but I can hand on heart say that Chuckling Goat product claims are true. Their products are effective and I love the fact that both the founders are so passionate about their products and I love that each lotion, melt and cleanser is free from nasty ingredients but at the same time they are still really reasonably priced for what they are. Bravo Chuckling Goat! Bravo!

Have you tried any Chuckling Goat products? Are you a natural skincare lover?