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I’m Shannon, a 23-year-old from the North East of England. I am the owner of Raspberrykiss, a beauty and skincare fan, foodie fanatic and lover of K-Pop. I created my beauty and lifestyle blog Raspberrykiss way back in 2009. It sounds like a long time ago but in reality, it has flown over. Back then I created my blog as an outlet to rant and rave about beauty and skincare products but today Raspberrykiss has expanded to include both beauty and lifestyle content. On my blog, you’ll find posts featuring some of my favourite brands like Soap and GloryMakeup Revolution and Zoflora. I basically use my blog to share anything and everything that I am loving. If you’re a reader with a question or a PR looking to get in touch be sure to head over to my contact page. 

Products and samples

As a PR friendly blogger, I am happy to accept products and samples to trial and review or feature on my blog. However, please do be aware that I will only accept products that I feel are relevant to my blog which has a beauty, fashion, lifestyle and food theme. Please also be aware that all posts written on my blog will be 100% honest, genuine, my own and not influenced by any company, brand or business and all products and samples that are sent for review and feature purposes will be disclosed. Please also note that samples/products that are sent are for consideration. Therefore by sending me products, this does not guarantee a post on my site.

Sponsored content

As a sponsor-friendly blogger, I am happy to accept sponsored content. However, please be aware that just like products and samples, I will only accept posts that I feel are 100% relevant to my blog, its theme and those that I feel would be of interest to my readers. All sponsored content will be disclosed and all links will be set to “no follow” to comply with search engine guidelines. If you would like to know my sponsored post rates, please feel free to drop me an email. 


If you’d like a giveaway to be hosted on Raspberrykiss on behalf of your brand, company or business, I am happy to accept if I feel the giveaway is relevant and interesting to my readers. Please note that unless otherwise is discussed, all giveaways will be held using the software Rafflecopter to enable easy tracking of entries.

Guest posting

Every day I receive lots and lots of emails from authors offering to write “free content” in exchange for links etc. If I am totally honest with you, I like to have 100% control over my content. Let’s face it, I’ve built up Raspberrykiss over the years. Therefore, I have become somewhat particular of the type of posts I want live. And of course the ones I certainly do not. I also have the interest of my readers to keep in mind. If I think something would bore my audience. Or perhaps the content isn’t useful, I am most definitely not going to share that content. It is also good to keep in mind that Raspberrykiss is not a link exchange. Nor is it a site that participates in free SEO boosting with link building. I think rude to use my online outlet to your advantage without compensating myself so please don’t contact me about this.

Affiliate links

Raspberrykiss uses affiliate links to monetise content. This means that occasionally I will receive compensation when you purchase a product or service from an external website through Raspberrykiss. This will not cost you anything nor will it alter your purchase in any way, shape or form. It just means that I am rewarded by a merchant/store/brand/company for sending them a conversion/sale via my website.

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  • Main Demographic: Females aged 18-34 based in the UK and USA
  • 64k+ Social Media followers

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