Deadpool Movie Review – A Humourous Twist On Your Typical Action Film

Deadpool Movie Review

Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller take the genre of superhero movies, turn it on its head and reap the rewards with this hilarious and hard-hitting take on Marvel’s favourite anti-hero, Deadpool. The film itself behaves much like the comics that came before it. As a non-comic-book reader, I did have to look up the comic. Anyway, the main character Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds, breaks the Fourth Wall constantly to bring us hilarious tidbits during his fight scenes. This includes talking about the smooth scrotum of the guy ‘ who’s name rhymes with Pulverine’.

The film is obviously a superhero film at heart in which some evil villain is a threat to the world, has the damsel in distress and they need to be saved. Along the way through we see hardcore action and fight scenes. These are mixed with the humour of Deadpool that I can only see Mr Reynolds pulling off. The fight scenes in the movie are hardly as epic as some. However, they do the job for an action movie. Plus combining them with the humour that Deadpool the character has, makes for some hilarious and interesting parts. Not has comedy and action been put together as well as Kick-Ass. Oh and it’s sequel, but this film far delivered that combo and knocks the 2 movies out of the park.

Good acting

The acting is clearly not Oscar nomination worthy but that isn’t really the point for this film. It is far from the worst acting ever seen in a motion picture and does the perfect job. The characters mesh well and the chemistry between Deadpool and Weasel comes off as natural ‘banter’ between two mates in scenes. Or as close as natural can come when one of the guys has unnatural healing capabilities and a disgusting “avocado on an older avocado child” face (movie quote – watch if for more hilarious ones!).

The villain of the movie comes across as very cheesy cliche British Bond villain. This isn’t a bad point of the movie as the point is to be a bit over the top. The supporting characters come off as a nice touch including the aptly named ‘Moody Teen’ in the credits – also known as Negasonic Teenage Warhead (and no – I am not making that up at all. I swear).

An excellent mix of action and comedy

Overall, I feel Deadpool is a great mix of comedy and action hero. It has the humour that can be associated with both the Deadpool comics. Again I found this out not from personal experience but from internet research. As well as Mr Reynolds movies and TV shows of the past. I found myself constantly chuckling and occasional belly laughing at times. The gore-ish scenes in the fighting parts are well done. Plus they make it come across that it does have a comic book feel.

I would definitely recommend this film and will purchase this on DVD/Blu Ray when it comes out as I think the extra content alone will be another barrel of laughs. All in all, I enjoyed the movie. It is a great film that is a perfect mix of comedy and action that stands out from all other action hero movies released in the past 10 years. 9 Avocados out of 10.