December 2015 Favourites

December 2015 Favourites | Real Techniques Bold Metals 301 Flat Contour Brush Dupe, AVON Skin So Soft Original Dry Spray Oil, AVON Naturals Haircare Superfruit Souffle Yumberry And Yoghurt, AVON Naturals Scented Cherry Blossom Spritz, Essie Nail Polish in A Cut Above and Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Violet Pop

Real Techniques Bold Metals 301 Flat Contour Brush Dupe (link)

I love a good makeup brush and I love a good makeup brush dupe even more so it is probably no surprise to many that the Real Techniques Bold Metals 301 Flat Contour Brush Dupe from AliExpress made it into my December Favourites. This is just a great brush for blending out contouring to a natural but sculpted finish. The brush is super soft, it doesn’t shed, regains its shape really well after washing and lets be totally honest, it is super pretty. If you do wish to get your hands on this brush, do be aware that it comes as part of a set 7 piece brush set however, the set is super affordable at under £10. If you’d like to see the set in full, check out my Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush Dupes post.

AVON Skin So Soft Original Dry Spray Oil (link)

This is a product I’ve been totally and utterly obsessed with this month. If you’re someone who applies body butters or lotions right after you get out of the shower or the bath, but you hate having to stand around awkwardly in a towel whilst they dry, this product is something I highly recommend checking out. The AVON Skin So Soft Original Dry Spray Oil is a very lightweight oil that contains jojoba oil and feels very, very soothing on the skin. To use it you simply spritz it onto the skin and within a couple of minutes it is fully absorbed into the skin. This is perfect for locking moisture into the skin and keeping everything soft and dry skin free. I’m a big fan of using this on my legs as it has a wonderful none greasy texture and even helps to keep my knees feeling nice and smooth. If you are really interested in this product, be sure to check out my full in depth review of the AVON Skin So Soft Original Dry Spray Oil.

AVON Naturals Haircare Superfruit Souffle Yumberry And Yogurt

This month I’ve really been enjoying AVON products. Apart from the odd product here and there I haven’t really tried anything AVON for a while. However, on Black Friday I took advantage of a little promotion they had and I ended up ordering quite a few different bits and pieces. Turns out I actually really like quite a few of the products I purchased, the first one being the AVON Naturals Haircare Superfruit Souffle Yumberry and Yogurt. Now since purchasing this the product does seem to have gone missing off the website. I’m not sure if its because it is out of stock or if it is because it has been discontinued however, I’m really hoping they haven’t stopped making this hair product as I’ve found it works well on my hair. Now I’m not going to lie and say this is the best hair mask that I’ve every tried, but I’ll be honest, it does soften my hair well and give it a beautiful shine. To apply I cover my hair right after I’ve washed it in a sensible but generous amount of souffle, leave it on for five minutes and then rinse it off. It is as simple as that. The result? My hair just feels a little more manageable and more hydrated than when I used a standard conditioner. I also really like the smell of this. Its very food like and delicious smelling and although the scent doesn’t linger on the hair for long, I am a fan of it.

AVON Naturals Scented Cherry Blossom Spritz (link)

Recently I purchased a whole load of the AVON Naturals Sprays and I’ve slowly but surely been working my way through each scent. One of the fragrances that stood out to me early on was definitely the AVON Naturals Scented Cherry Blossom Spritz. This is a lovely floral fragrance that has a slight sweetness to it. It isn’t overpowering but it does have quite good lasting powder, not fantastic, but not poor. A really good thing about this spray is that it can be used both as a body spray and a room fragrance spray. I personally use this both in the home and for personal use and I’ve got to say, its pretty good at eliminating cooking smells to get your house back smelling nice and fresh. Would I repurchase this spray? I would but I’ve got a whole load of other fragrances to get through before I can even think about repurchasing!

Essie Nail Polish in A Cut Above (link)*

When it comes to nail polishes it really has been a while since I truly fell in love with a shade but the Essie Nail Polish in A Cut Above definitely stands out from the rest. A Cut Above was actually released as part of the 2011 Luxe Effects collection so it definitely isn’t a new shade but it certainly is a new discovery for me. Thankfully this shade is very much still available so if you do want to get your hands on it, fear not, it is still easy to track down. Anyway, A Cut Above is a baby pink combo. It is a clear base that is full of various size pink glitter. It works fantastically as a glitter top coat to add that extra touch of glamour and sparkle to any nail look, and it also kind of reminds be of all things Christmassy. What I love about this is that unlike some glitter polishes this applies nice and evenly. There’s no messing about trying to move glitter around to get a good coating, it just applies easily and one coat gives a great coating of glitter. Recently I’ve been loving this on my toes as it just makes me feel nice and girly.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Violet Pop (link)

Now the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Violet Pop isn’t something new in my makeup collection, in fact I’ve had it for a little while now but I’ve only just discovered how truly beautiful it is. If you’ve not come across Violet Pop, I seriously urge you to get your hands on it as it is such a beautiful and flattering shade, particularly if you are someone with a pale complexion like myself. Violet Pop is beautiful blue toned pink. If you’ve tried the NYC Lipstick in Blue Rose, it is a little similar however, I think this is a lot more wearable, a little darker, slightly more red toned rather than pink and a smidgen more appropriate for this time of year. Like the majority of the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks that I’ve tried, I’ve found its formula to be very nicely pigmented and it also has a very good glossy finish. The lipstick doesn’t feel greasy or uncomfortable on the lips. It applies evenly and although it doesn’t last all day long, considering the glossy formula it has, it does last rather well on the lips.


What products made it into your December 2015 favourites?

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