Dove Original Roll On Review

Dove Original Roll On Review

When it comes to keeping myself nice and fresh I’ll be honest, I’ve never been one for roll ons, I’ve always been a spray kind of girl as I always found that I never felt 100% protected when using anything other than a spray but nevertheless, I thought I’d give the Dove Original Roll On a try and see if it could change my opinion on this kind of product.

First things first, the Dove Original Roll On is an antiperspirant that is free from alcohol and is said to give 24 hour protection. Because of its 0% alcohol content, it is ideal for anyone who might have sensitive skin as this is an ingredient known for causing irritation as well as drying out of the skin. Personally I’ve not experienced any form of irritation or discomfort when using this product and it is worth mentioning that sometimes my underarm area can be a bit sensitive, especially two or three When it comes to keeping myself nice and fresh I’ll be honest, I’ve never been one for roll ons, I’ve always been a spray kind of girl as I always found that I never felt days after shaving but when using this product I actually felt like it soothed my underarm area, made it feel nice and soft and certainly did not dry the area out which I was very, very happy with. Do however be aware that if you have broken or really irritated skin, it’s probably best to avoid applying this to the area to avoid any further discomfort which is the case with basically all products.

Anyway, when using this product I’ve found it applies very evenly thanks to the effective roller ball design. It is very gentle on the skin and leaves a delicate but detectable fresh soap like scent which I find to be very pleasant. Some might class it as “granny like” but I’d definitely say it is more of a clean classic Dove scent. It keeps me feeling nice and fresh throughout the day but I definitely don’t think it keeps me protected for 24 hours like it claims but as far as antiperspirants go, I’d say it is a good one as I apply it first thing in the morning and it lasts on me until around 6 or 7 in the evening whereas with spray on products I almost always have to apply twice a day to keep me feeling as fresh as possible. One thing to be aware of is that the scent does understandably wear off as the day goes on but this isn’t something too major as I never experience that dreaded BO scent when using this.

What I particularly like about this roll on is that it is really rather quick drying. In the past I’ve tried roll ons that have left my arm pits feeling sticky and wet for a substantial amount of time but with this, it sinks in really well and feels very, very comfortable on the skin. I also love that it doesn’t leave any form of white mark on my clothes as this can sometimes be really embarrassing. Oh and did I mention that it is great for travel and throwing in your bag? Thanks to its compact size it is great for taking out and about but don’t let the small size make you think that the product is going to be something you use up quickly. I’ve been using this a lot recently and it feels like I’ve hardly used any as the container still feels really quite full which is always a good thing as it means this is certainly value for money.

Will I be purchasing another Dove Original Roll On in the future when my current one runs out? Definitely! I think it’s safe to say that I am definitely a roll on convert. I’ve found this product is much, much more gentle on the skin. It gives me great protection and I love the formula, scent and the way it feels on my skin. I think if you are someone with sensitive under arms or you’re looking for an alternative to aerosols, definitely look into giving this a try.

The Dove Original Roll On retails at £2.30 which certainly isn’t bank breaking, however, it is currently on offer at Boots at the moment for the even more affordable price of £1.15 (link) so if you do fancy giving this a try, be sure to take advantage of the offer to save yourself a little extra cash.

Have you tried the Dove Original Roll On? What did you think of it?

I received the Dove Original Roll On for free in exchange for my thoughts and views thanks to BzzAgent.